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different stages in background check

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by vinjad, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. hi folks,
    I have question. How long will it take a for a file to clear the background check, if its in process and how many stages does it need to clear to get through it.

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  2. Hi

    BG and medical status and its meaning post-AOR Generally, your application will follow the below path after the submission. BG: Not Applicable (NA1) Medical passed – (MEP) BG: In Progress (IP1) – R10 check is done here. BG: Not Applicable (NA2) – Eligibility check is done here. BG: In Progress (IP2) – BG: Not Applicable (NA3) – Sometimes this doesn’t come PPR: Passport Request CoPR: Confirmation of Permanent Residence So it is in below order AOR – NA1 – MEP – IP1 – NA2 – IP2 – NA3 – PPR – CoPR AOR: This is a letter you will get within 24 hours after submission of your PR application. NA1: “Not applicable“. This will be your BG status message as soon as you submit and get AOR. Typically, this will be status till the time you get your medical passed status. MEP: “You passed the medical exam“. This will generally happen after approx 25-30 days after your AOR. For PNP applicants it can take more time generally. IP1: This will happen one or two days after your medical. Sometimes on the same day itself. BG status message in this stage will be “Your application is in progress. We will send you a message when we start your background check.”. CIC agents will do R10, criminality checks during this stage. Once they feel everything is good then they will change it to NA. These things will happen at CIO Office (Centralized Intake Office). NA2: “Not applicable“. This will signify that IP1 is completed. Sometimes IP1 will take few hours and if we have not checked our account during the time it was in IP1, it won’t be possible to know that we are in NA1 or NA2. Our file will be transferred to CPC (Case Processing Center) where agents will do eligibility assessments. If they feel everything is okay, then they will provide their recommendation to Visa Officer and same time they will initiate Security Checks. IP2: BG status message in this stage will be “We are processing your background check. we will send you a message if we need more information.“. Visa Officer starts reviewing or after reviewing all agents recommendations. On the same day, PPR request will be triggered if the applicant paid RPRF up front. These things will be done at CPC office. NA3: “Not applicable“. This will signify that IP2 is completed. This status is not visible is many cases and direct PPR request is placed from IP2. PPR: Passport Request. You will get an email for that and you may not get an update in your CIC account for this. ADR: Sometimes an additional document is requested in IP1 or IP2 stage. An email, as well as message in your CIC account, will be sent.
  3. Good clarification .... thanks
  4. Thanks so much. So explicit !
  5. If an additional document is required at IP2 stage how does this affect the timeline to PPR?
  6. submitted application on march 27th, CEC-EE. medical passed, BG- We are processing your background check. We will send you a message if we need more information. which stage I'm in? IP2? when will I get PPR??
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  7. Good information buddy....
  8. Hello guys,

    Submitted my application on 24th March, Medical passed came next day.
    Eligibility in review stated same day with medical pass.
    Background check: In Progress ( After 1 month of submission)
    Since then no updates... I don’t know if I am on IP1 or IP2.
    I am a PNP applicant.
    Can someone plz give some insight.. it will be really helpful.
  9. how could you medical be passed next day after application submission?
  10. This is how it was. Or may be I am mistaken. Don’t remember exactly but it was real quick.
  11. did you apply through paper-based stream?
  12. No it was online.
  13. oh, that's why. then you should probably inquire in another thread that relates to Express Entry. This forum is mostly for paper-based applicants.
  14. Oh! Never mind. Thanks anyways.
  15. I was apply on 11 April 2017 , additional document and RFPR requared on 13 January , Medical 14 March and passed on 4 April, how far away I am with my application?
    Application/profile details
    Application step Current status Help
    Review of eligibility We are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements.
    Review of medical results You passed the medical exam.
    Review of additional documents We are reviewing the additional documents you provided
    Interview You do not need an interview. We will send you a message if this changes.
    Biometrics We do not need your fingerprints. We will send you a message if this changes.
    Background check We are processing your background check.
    Final decision Your application is in progress.

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