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December AOR 2017 - join here.

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by andy108, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Starting thread for those who have AOR in December 2017 - please join for discussion and knowledge sharing.

    Below I will post some information which you may find useful going forward.

    December AOR Tracker is HERE.

    Some FAQ:

    Q: How to find my visa office?

    A: Send E-mail to: CPC-CTD-Ottawa@cic.gc.ca
    Subject: E000xxxx - Visa Office
    Body of the mail:

    I am trying to find out in which Visa office my application is being processed?

    Application number: E000xxxx
    Date of Birth: 19xx-xx-xx
    Last Name: xxx
    First Name: xxxx
    UCI: -
    Category of Immigration: Federal Skilled Worker

    Q: Can you explain background status changes (by other forum member, not my):

    A: Background statuses explained:

    There are two different things. Application status remains in process until we complete stamping.

    Regarding BG status - It will go through different stages and let me try to make it clear to you to avoid any further confusion.

    Prior to March 7, CIC used to maintain the below BG status.

    1. Not needed at this time (NN)
    2. Not Started (NS)
    3. In Progress (IP)
    After March 7, they paraphase the above status as follows.

    1. Not Applicable (NA) ( Old Status :: NN)
    2. Next to step to conduct BG Check (NBG) (Old Status : NS)
    3. In Progress (IP)
    People in the threads are using the above status interchangeably. So, don’t get confused.

    Now as far as BG process is concerned, it will go through the below trends. I’m using new status words for your reference.

    Trend 1: NA -> IP -> NA -> IP
    Trend 2: NA -> NBG-> NA-> IP

    Some people who are submitting RCMP along with eAPR follows Trend 2 and rest Trend 1. I may not be 100% accurate. But this is what I noticed for CEC Inlanders.
    Once the applicant at IP(2), he can expect PPR anytime soon.

    Regarding at what stage BG will change??

    STAGE 1:: After we submit our application, the BG status would be NA and it will be there until we see a change in Medical status (Passed).

    STAGE 2:: After medical update is done, then agent at CIO will change our BG to IP or NBG. Then, he will start R10 check, Criminal checks.

    STAGE 3:: After the above checks are done, then he will change BG to NA and our file moved to next stage for Eligibility assessment (A11.2) . Once he/she feels that we are meeting the Eligibility then he/she will provide his/her recommendation to Visa Officer and initiate the Security Clearance. At this point only our file will be moved from CIO to CPC.

    STAGE 4:: Officer at Local Visa Office (LVO) will review the recommendation, Security clearance reports. Once he/she satisfies then he/she will approve the recommendation. Then our BG will be changed to IP again. This is where PPR(Passport Request) mails triggered to applicants.

    I will post more as we progress.


    Good Luck!
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  2. Hello, I am A0r December 1.
    Is there a whataspp group. Please add me. +2348035256615
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  4. Hi Andy send me an invite, my phone number is 00923212099966
  5. hey guys, will add in a bit!
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    What is the estimated day of PPR if lodged ln the 1st week of December.

    The estimation is shown below without taking stream into consideration:

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    November round-up report!

    If you have any feedback on this report please PM me.

    If you find this status update useful please click [LIKE] - thank you in advance.

    **Current Processing**:
    *It seems like with the number of ITAs going down the processing time tends to go down quite substantially, therefore, more than 30% of October 2017 applicants got their passport requests within 60 days time frame. However, the number of applicants who are still waiting from the preceding 9 months remain quite high.

    Source: https://myimmitracker.com/en/dashboard/canada/estimation_and_analysis

    PPR Trend (average mean)

    **PPRs this year so far:**
    As you can see, the trend is going down, again this is due to number of applicants decreasing as a consequence of declining number of ITAs.

    PPRs in November 2017

    PPR by Visa Office

    **current average wait from IP2 to PPR by stream:**

    Source: https://myimmitracker.com/en/dashboard/canada/estimation_and_analysis

    **Statuses by the month of submission up to date:**[/URL]

    **Applicants by Stream:**


    **Average wait for PNP by province:**


    **Overall Average to PPR:**


    **Average wait based on VO:**
    *London being probably the longest, especially for combination of Pakistan and PNP.



    **Average based on family size :**



    **Number of ADRs by stream:**


    Have a great weekend!!!
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  8. Hi Andy , could you please sent me an invite to the WhatsApp group, received AOR yesterday, Dec 2nd.

    Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi,

    Can u send an invite link for Dec AOR whatsapp group
  10. both invited guys!
  11. Hi, pls add me to the group.
  12. Will add to n a bit now
  13. Hii,, please send the link to join the what's app group
  14. Hi Andy, please add me to the group. PM'd you. Dec 2nd AOR.

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