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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by alaria, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. Hi, I have submitted documents today for Outland spousal sponsorship. Is there a Whats's app group so that I can join. Thanks!
  2. You can create a group and post the link in the tracker.
  3. I just posted mine today (common-law sponsorship). A lot of work! Let the waiting begin
  4. Application received in Sydney Dec 02. Wishing a speedy, hassle free processing for all of us!!
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  5. Oops wrong thread. I am inland.
  6. If nothing changes, the first AOR1 for December applicants might be sent even before Christmas. The average time for November is 20 days now.

    A huge improvement since last year when just to get AOR1 people had to wait for 3-4 months.

    I believe some lucky Mississauga applicants might be done with the whole process in just 2 months :)
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  7. Application received Dec 5. Outland Australian applicant. Heres to hoping for a quick process to all!!
  8. Are you talking about just outland, or inland too? My inland got delivered today to mississauga :)
  9. No, I'm talking about Outland only. Outland applicants send their applications to Sydney, NS. From there they are transferred to visa offices, and most of them are sent to Mississauga, which is considered to be the fastest one. For some applications in Mississauga from the previous months it took less than 70 days from Received by Sydney to Decision Made.
  10. Wow that's fast. Don't understand why outland is quicker than inland. Surely it should be the other way round.
  11. Why would should inland be quicker? Outland applicants are without their partners. Surely outland should go quicker.
  12. I think as we are in the country it should be quicker. Just my personal opinion.
  13. Not necessarily, I think you will find with most outland sponsorships that that sponsor is in Canada. Being an outland sponsor living with your spouse adds extra complications as you have to provide proof that you will move to Canada as soon as you get the PR, and only a Cdn Citizen not a PR can sponsor their spouse if they are not living in Canada.

    As for the processing times in vs. out, who knows, seems to vary a lot, we should all just be grateful if it is completed within the 12 months that they say is the norm.

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  14. Agreed. Will just be happy when it's all sorted. Cheers

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