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December 2016 - Citizenship Applicants

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by imran01, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. same here... had exam in march and still in IP... lets find Mr. Trudeau.

  2. Finally got my oath invitation.

    Decision made on Sep 19 and other invitation added on Sep 20.
    Oath date on October 13.

    Best of luck to all
  3. Congrats!!! Updated
  4. Hi Experts

    We applied in Dec 2016 but till date " in Process ", no update, please advise

    Here is details of December 2016 month : No updates - No invite for Exam

    ID Location App. Type Physical Presence Days App. Sent App. Delivered AOR Letter Date In Process ecas

    Indiacan : Brampton Family 1490 Dec 22, 2016 Dec 28, 2016 Jan 11, 2017 Jan 21, 2017 - Myself

    vindivya : Mississauga Single 1465 Nov 28, 2016 Dec 2, 2016 Dec 20, 2016 Jan 4, 2017

    Hinavin : Mississauga Family Dec 1, 2016 Dec 5, 2016 Dec 21, 2016 Jan 5, 2017

    CanadianMe : Red Deer Single 1475 Nov 26, 2016 Dec 2, 2016 Dec 29, 2016 Jan 10, 2017

    H.R : Brampton Family 1565 Dec 5, 2016 Dec 7, 2016 Jan 9, 2017 Jan 17, 2017

    Batman : Calgary Single 1468 Dec 19, 2016 Dec 21, 2016 Jan 16, 2017 Jan 18, 2017

    J.J.J. : Brampton Single 2192 Dec 14, 2016 Dec 19, 2016 Jan 12, 2017 Jan 24, 2017

    Anybody please advise....please

    Thanks in advance
  5. You might want to call IRCC to find out if it's pending on security clearance or anything.
    And you can also request ATIP but it'll take 30 days to receive but it'll give you more details.
  6. Thanks K33g, do you know which option to select for ATIP : Canada Border Service Agency OR Immigration,refugee & Citizenship Canada
  7. Thanks K33

    Requested ATIP online, could you please advise how we can get an idea from ATIP that where application stuck ?
  8. Dear Experts/Gurus

    We applied for Citizenship in December 2016 & still in process, while from October 11th, 2017 they are implementing new rules (3/5), what will be our situation at this moment ? sometimes we are feeling handicapped due to this type of confusing & unmatured rules and government....

    Please advise
  9. Hi friends,

    We finally had our oath ceremony yesterday. We were 80 people receiving our Canadian citizenship.
    Very nice ceremony.
    We got there and had our PR cards taken and our oath invitation checked then we were asked to sit in a room. The judge came in, made a short speech then we were asked to stand up, recite the oath. We then were handed our citizenship certificates then ended the ceremony by singing the national anthem.
    The whole thing lasted an hour and a half.

    Best of luck to all
  10. Call CIC to see why your application is stuck.
  11. You will be processed under the old rules. I would phone them and ask what is going on.
    Best of luck
  12. One Quick check about police clearance certificate.

    183 or more days spend in last 4 years immediately before the date of application.

    I signed my application on 05 Sept 2017 . I was outside of canada in 2013 for more than 183 days . Do i have to provide PCC?

    I got my AOR already. I am not sure on this requirement ...can anyone help me on understanding it ?

  13. 8 months after the test, finally my status has been updated to DM. Now I wonder how long it will take to get the oath ceremony in Mississauga..I have a trip coming up in 20 days.. do you think we can call cic and ask for oath dates?

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