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COPR questions and importing car from US

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by nazgul86, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    Me and my wife recently received COPR (through EE-FSW) and have some questions about how to go about importing the car (2011 Jetta) from US to Canada. We are planning to activate the COPR on a flight to Vancouver (where my wife currently resides) and then relocate approximately a month later with the car driving to Toronto.

    1) Our COPR states Vancouver, BC as city of destination, can we still move to Toronto later right? Can we also give a different address, not in Vancouver BC to receive the actual PR (to a friend's name)?
    1) at the moment of landing should I declare my car as a good to follow if I will be moving it later?
    2) we were planning to drive from Vancouver to Toronto, would I be able to drive it immediately after importing it or would I need to get it inspected/tested before then?
    3) we may be moving back to US in a year or so, depending on when my wife's green card will be approved,
    should I still go ahead and complete the importing procedures? just worried I would be double-paying with inspection and taxes if I'll have to import it back to US in less than a year.

    Thanks in advance,

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