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COPR not signed

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Arundddd, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Hi. I have landed in Canada this week as a Skilled worker. I am the primary applicant with my wife and son as dependents. However I noticed that my COPR document is not signed by the immigration officer, though it is signed for my wife and son. Can this create any problems and what should I do now? I called IRCC today and their agent told that this shouldnt be a problem citing that anyways I will receive my PR cards soon. But I am worried that landing papers are equally important.
  2. Relax! As long as you landed and tgey stamped your copy CoPR, then happy days. Do NOT lose it!
  3. Thanks. But strangely there is no stamp as well on the copr. Its just the passport that they have stamped the arrival date
  4. The COPR does need to be signed. You should go back to the airport (Pearson?) and go to the CBSA office there. They will be able to help you - they'll sign and stamp it and also confirm that you were correctly landed.
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  5. Thanks. I will follow the same

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