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Comparative Education Assessment (CES)

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by cooolideal, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. Brother plz reply me at
    wajid. turk01@gmail
  2. Brother plz reply me at
    wajid. turk01@gmail
  3. Brother did you apply to ces
  4. Hello guys, I have a BBA (hons) degree and an MBA degree. CES application allows me to add one credential and an additional credential for $210.

    Having two degrees to assess means my I'd to pay $420 in addition to other charges?

    Also, since each added credential is for $210 as it seems, I will add only these two in the online application and send the rest by mail? Please confirm.
  5. Hi folks,
    I am sending my M.com credentials to CES to get ECA. I have 16 years of education from Pakistan. I.e. after matriculation, I have done Intermediate in ecommerce 2 years, then B.com 2 years and lastly M.com 2 years (4 semester). Which is overall 16 years.
    Which kind of degree equivalence CES will give me master or bachelor.
    Thanks in advance
  6. i am trying to do send my MBA 2 years only for CES , any experience person can please contact any other previous document need to be sent which is |Bcom or inter, as they are charging extra 210$ for each credentials and what possible equivalency i can get
  7. Is there anyone from India who got their PGDM (Accredited equivalent to MBA by All India University {AIU}) equalised as Canadian Masters by CES?
  8. Dear zeeshan need to know how your process , have you sent only masters degree ? or b com as well ? how much did u pay to CES 210$

  9. have you done your ces >
  10. First of all can we just get our masters degree assessed and leave bachelors?

    If we only get our masters degree accessed from CES, then do we have to add only masters degree in our Federal skilled workers profile and not add info about Bachelors. Because whenever you add a degree to FSW profile, it asks whether this degree has been assessed by an institute and ask for an ECA reference number. Please suggest should we omit bachelor's degree in the FSW profile after getting our Masters accessed from CES? Please clarfiy. Many thanks.
  11. I am done my bachelor 2 year and Master 2 year CES asses my credential as a master? actually other organization take to much time and some are need ILETS but CES don't need any ILETS? if i am not wrong? please conform me i have to send my color copied of my bachelor and master degree with mark sheet attested my HEC or from my university?
    what i understand i have to send my colored copied of Masters and bachelor degree with each year attested from HEC and ask them to put in sealed envelop with marriage certificate (because of change my name) attested from foreign affairs and+ color id card copy+ with printed form from CES?
    please correct me
  12. no you need to get your bachelor degree and master assessed.
  13. ielts has nothing to do with educational assessment. you can send coloured or black and white degree (attested) in sealed envelop. if your name is changed then you need marriage certificate along with cnic copy of your husband n yourself (must be in english).

    CES accepts attested copies from university and from hec. choice is yours but i found getting degree attest from university is far easy than hec since they have made it very lengthy.

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