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Child born outside Canada (not US) to Permanent Residents parents

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by AvayaLenovo, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Will a child born outside Canada (non-US) to Canadian Permanent Residents parents become automatically PR also? Can the baby come with the mother going back to Canada after giving birth? Or will the baby still require sponsorship before he/she can come to Canada (I saw that current wait time is approx 12 months depending on the country of birth).

    Any response will be truly appreciated! :)
  2. Hi

    1. No, the child will have to be sponsored to Canada.
    2. The child, if from a non visa waiver country, would require a TRV. Difficult to get, CHC may say that one parent has to return to Canada and sponsor the child.
    3. Child sponsor is really quick (relatively), no security, no criminal records check, minimal medical.
  3. Thanks as usual, PMM! I just also read in other forums that TRP is also an option -- but just like TRV, there is a great chance of denial :(
  4. Right. If the baby is not visa exempt to go to Canada, you should talk to the Canadian embassy close to where you are about your options. You can try applying for a TRV. If refused, you can try a TRP. It seems that some people have succeeded in getting one. If the TRP is refused, one of the parents must go to Canada and sponsor the baby for PR.

    If the baby is visa exempt to enter Canada, the parents can just take it along and sponsor for PR once they are all in Canada.
  5. Hi All,
    my son was born outside of Canada as a citizen of a visa exempt country. Me and my wife are PR and intend to return to Canada at the end of next month. As I read Leon last post here, a child can be taken without any permit in this case. Leon, if you read that post or somebody else who has experience or can help, I would really appreciate it. I would like to know what should we tell to the immigrant officer in the airport if she/he asks about my son and our intention with him? Can I say that I am going to start sponsoring my son from Canada, and we would like to be together while that takes? Or what is the so called "good answer" if he/she start asking about that? I would like to be sure that he is not going to be returned to my country for such a reason that they don't find him eligible to enter Canada.
    Thank you for the help!
  6. If they ask, you can say that you are returning to Canada and will be sponsoring him for PR. If you are worried about it, you can start filling out the application forms to sponsor him now and show them to the immigration officer as you arrive to prove that you are really going to sponsor him. I have never heard of a visa exempt baby with PR parents being denied entry to Canada.

    Otherwise you could say that you are living abroad and are only coming with your child for a short visit but then they will ask if you have return tickets, they will look at how much luggage you have etc. It is not really worth it to lie about it because if they figure you are lying, then they will really give you trouble.
  7. Thank you very much Leon! I appreciate your quick answer. Your answer is equal with my thinking. Said that I have not talked to anybody who arrived with a child from a visa exempt country and do not know what questions could I face with. I guess you talked to much more people than me over there. Would you mind if I ask you if you have talked to anyone who was in similar situation when arrived to Canada and what was their experience at the border control?
    But anyway, your answer is great and it confirms me in my opinion.

    Thank you very much, I appreciate it!
  8. I do not remember any specific stories of people entering with visa exempt children but I have heard of many who did and I have never seen anybody posting about having problems entering with a visa exempt child.
  9. Hi Leon,
    thank you very much, you are great!
    Would you know if the baby needs to have return ticket in our case? I know normally it is a requirement for visitors. What would you do?
    Also, would you know if we have to apply for visitor status extension for the baby once the sponsorship submitted and his status (6 month) is close to the end?

    Thank you so much!
  10. I am intenting to buy the return ticket, for the simple reason as it is muuuuch cheaper. Would that be ok?
  11. Having a return ticket might be better but you are planning to sponsor the baby anyway.

    If the visitor status of the baby is about to expire, you should apply to extend based on your ongoing sponsorship application. I don't think they would deport a baby with PR parents but if you extend, you have no worries.
  12. Hi Leon,
    thank you very much for your support and help! I think that's been all of my question for now :) Thanks again, I appreciate it!
  13. Hi Everyone,

    I need advice

    Me and my wife are permanent Resident of Canada, living in Canada.

    My child is born in India ( 3 months back ), and is in India at present with my wife.

    I have got TRV for my child,, now to apply for my daughters Immigration,, should I do from India, or from canada,, when she arrives here

    Whats best option

    Please advice

    Thanks in advance

  14. your only option for sponsoring a child is to sponsor a dependant from"outside of canada" you don't have the option to choose the "in canada class" application. the child can be in canada OR in india when the application is submitted and processing.
  15. Thanks rCohen

    I would apply for my baby, outside Canada.

    Later in May end when she reach canada on Visitor Visa....what would be step ahead.


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