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Certificate of Qualification Question

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by danda, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. Hi Aman,
    The emerit certificate March with certificate of qualification they request for in trade skills worker, if so how much did you do it and duration of how many months
  2. Please urgent reply and can I take the course from Nigeria
  3. The emerit certificate of it equal to the certificate of qualification trade skill worker and how much is the cost of the course
  4. http://emerit.ca/home
    That is the webpage for Emerit. All the exams are online so I think you will not have any issues from Nigeria. Send them an email and they can help you better.
    Here is a direct email from the person in Emerit that helped me with everything solscamp@tourismhr.ca
    Remember that these certifications are related to the tourism and hospitality sector. I took an exam and it is very hard; you must have knowledge and experience to pass the exam!
  6. Thank you very much sir, I will read and study for the exam, 1 more question due to your experience when you submit it in express entry did they acpt it because am using it for trade skills program under express entry thanks
  8. Aman have send and email to the person but please still acpting your reply on the question I ask the last time
  9. How did you explain this to CIC officer?
    If you have experience in other than 9242 noc
  10. My NOC Is 2134 ( Chemical Engineer). Please can someone advise how can i get Certificate of qualification to increase my CRS score.
    I am stil confused if this certificate of Qualification applies to trade workers only, such as plumber, fitter etc. or does ti also apply to Skill Type A/B..
    If i become Professional Engineer or Licensee, will that increase my CRS score?
    Please can someone shade light on this.
  11. Hi Aman,

    Did CIC approved your certificate of qualification for Water and Wastewater Treatment?
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    Hi Atosoto

    I understand as COQ, something issued by a government regulating board. How this one from Emerit is considered a COQ?

    I really need some help on that.

    Thank you!


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