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Certificate of Qualification Question

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by danda, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. Hello Forum members:

    I am really confused about this portion under CRS calculation.

    I currently have My Canadian Securities Course License

    Basically "The CSC can also be used to satisfy the educational requirement necessary to be licensed to sell and trade Mutual Funds, ETF's, Stocks and Fixed Income Securities in Canada, as set out by the Mutual Fund Dealers Association and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada."

    Now Without that certification I am not qualified to work as a Financial Sales Representative nor a Financial Advisor which are both Skilled occupations under NOC.

    If I submit my License Certificate to CIC am I guaranteed the +50 points?
  2. Certificate of qualification is for skilled trades and your CSC license is not a trade license. Trade licenses are plumber, electrician etc.. Only province can issue you a certificate plus it has to be in a skilled trade: major group 72,73,82 and 92.
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  3. So if the COQ doesn't add to points ,can Include my CSC certification license under education I do have a Canadian Bachelors degree in a 4-year honors program and a Certificate off The Canadian Securities Institute which is a post-secondary institution will this grant me more points under CRS.

    Under the website assessment there is this option under education. (Two or more post secondary credentials with one being more than 3+)

    I think so I could gain more points given that my post-secondary covers education beyond high school. Am I right?
  4. I have no idea about that but you will get 50 points if you select ‘Yes’ under certificate of qualification question. The only concern is if Immigration approves your CSC certificate as a COQ. Because its not under skilled trade. So its risky
  5. Those people in immigration don’t shed light on anything heck they don’t even have a list on what licenses works or not leaving people like me very confused they should at least call it something else if that’s the case and their wording with skilled trades again don’t make sense it leaves a lot of people confused and not sure on what to do...if you claim that and you don’t have that you’re missrepresenting and could cause further problems down the line
  6. I believe I can claim the CSC under education for extra points since you are enrolled in the program under the institute for over a year till you complete the certification which to my believe applies under my case in gaining extra points on education apart from my bachelors.
  7. Yeah you can try that
  8. I don't think so.
    Because I do not think Canadian Security Institute is really a post-secondary school.
    I could be wrong, but this doesn't sound correct.
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    There is a lot of confusion on this Topic and I am confused too, on the CRS points website they mention this:

    "Note: a Canadian degree, diploma or certificate must either have been earned at an accredited Canadian university, college, trade or technical school, or other institute in Canada. Distance learning counts, but only if it made up less than half your study."

    Canadian Securities institute was founded back in 1970 and has a wide range of accreditations and certifications itself, is widely used among the Banking and the Financial industry.In order to Qualify for a NOC A/B jobs in the Financial/Banking Industry you need to take their certification courses regardless if u have a Canadian degree or not.Your employer will even tell you that. It is like a benchmark without it its not possible to go further down on a career in Finance or Banking.

    I do believe I can qualify for extra points not under COQ but under education,If the institution itself wasn't accredited it wouldn't exist after 1970 would it? Maybe it doesn't satisfy a post-secondary school yet it still qualifies as an accredited Canadian institute. Even the definition of post-secondary doesn't make sense the whole course covers materials beyond high-school.

    Apparently, Canada doesn't have a system of national or regional accreditations. Some institutions seek evaluation from American Regional accreditation agencies apparently
    "The Canadian Securities Institute and its PFP designation received ISO 17024 (International Organization for Standardization) accreditation from the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) simultaneously on June 28, 2012."
  10. Emmm... I don't know... May I am wrong. Have you thought of consilting a lawyer?
  11. NO, you do not get either COQ points (that is for skilled trades only) nor do you get any additional education points.

    You should, however, include the license with your employment documents (e.g. include with your letter of reference) if you worked in an occupation that requires the license (meaning, it is a regulated occupation). If you work in a regulated occupation, the license is required to receive credit for the work experience...
  12. I got 50 points for water and wastewater treatment (NOC 9243) operator certificate. Thou i don’t work in that NOC. I just had certificate that i got after passing an exam scoring more than 70%. It was issued by province ontario under ministry of environment and climate change.
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  13. Could you please tell me more about this certification? What's the exact name of the certification? A website link will be great help. Can you take the certification exam from anywhere in the world? I am also from a different NOC (1121) but I am looking to increase my score. In my NOC, doing a masters or a PG diploma will take a long time. So, I am looking at a quicker route.
  14. Hi Aman ,
    I have the same certificate. Should i put yes for this question. Please assist on this? Will i get points if i put yes for this question?
  15. Yes, with a Certificate of Qualification you can put 'Yes' under that category. I just got a certificate from Emerit ( www.emerit.ca ) as a Line Cook (NOC6322) and I did it here in Latin America. So, yes, having the certificate will give you 50 points

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