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CEC - September 2018 AOR

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Oily Oyster, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just wanted to create a dedicated thread for CEC applicants with Sept 2018 AOR. This thread is NOT meant to gather people into any WhatsApp group. Hoping that other people can benefit/learn from our experiences if we discuss right here.

    Let the discussions begin! ;)


    PS: Recently came across these forums while researching for my PR application and it has been incredibly helpful. Hope to pay it forward. Thanks to all the contributors for keeping this community vibrant. :)
  2. CEC:

    e-AOR - 19th September 2018
  3. Whoops. I suppose I should add mine as well.

    e-AOR - 22 September, 2018
  4. e-AOR- 20 September, 2018
  5. AOR: September 19,2018
  6. AOR: 27 september
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  7. AOR: September 21st
  8. AOR: September 26, 2018
  9. CEC AOR: SEP 16,2018
  10. Let's try to keep this thread alive, would be great to track our updates.
  11. September 27: Received Ontario Letter Of Interest
  12. What? You submitted your CEC application and received a Provincial invitation afterward?
  13. Not really a provincial invitation but just a letter of interest saying that Ontario could select me under the PCP(This is the french abbreviation, don't know what the english one is lol sorry) if I wanted to (it says in the letter To contact the province directly and let them know I received the letter if I am interested To go with that option). But I think everyone who selects ontario as province of residence receives that letter of interest if you meet all the criterias of express entry.
  14. Understood, thanks!
  15. I selected all provinces when I was submitting my EE profile. But I selected Toronto, Ontario during ITA. Any idea if I would be eligible to get this letter of interest? And does this letter have any significant impact on the process?

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