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CEC November 2018

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by S@m, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. MEP - Dec 11th
  2. CEC inland
    ITA - November 15
    AOR - November 30
  3. CEC - Inland
    ITA - October 3rd
    AOR- November 25
    No update after AOR
  4. cec inland
    ITA- Nov 15
    AOR- NOV 21
    No updates yet
  5. AOR - November 4th
    Medicals Passed - December 3rd

    Background check has been processing since medicals have passed. I also applied for a BOWP but have not heard anything back from that either. Both applications have now been processing for 40 days.

    CEC Inland Applicant.

  6. Medical Passed: Dec 18th 2018
    Currently in IP2
  7. AOR 7th November
    MEP 6th December

    Can someone tell me the difference between IP1 and IP2, please?
  8. I am not sure what ADR is, hopefully I won't receive any additional document request though.
  9. AOR: 21th Nov
    MEP: 27th Dec
    Additional document requested ( criminal record check ): 27th Dec
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  10. AOR: Nov 23rd
    MEP: Jan 2nd
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  11. AOR: Nov 23rd
    MEP: Jan 1st
  12. ITA: Sep 19
    AOR: Nov 1
    MEP: Nov 28
    BG: Processing Nov 28

    Is there a whatsapp group?
  13. AOR : Nov 11
    MEP : Dec 20

    Can someone please tell me, If I take car loan after submitting PR application, do I need to upload any document in my cic account? I m currently doing full time job, I did not show any funds in my account when I applied for PR, since I have job.

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