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CEC inland applicant with spouse outland - post COPR process

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by SriTLIN, Jun 26, 2018.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I along with my spouse have applied for Canada PR under CEC economy class category, with myself as 'Principal Applicant'. I am currently working in Canada, and my spouse is outside of Canada (mentioned her residence as outside of Canada, i.e. INDIA in PR application).

    If everything goes well and we receive COPR email, i am planning to submit a request to IRCC, which would allow my PR visa processing inside Canada (at Ottawa or other offices in Canada) and my spouse PR visa processing outside of Canada i.e. her current residence - India. Once again if things turn out good and the Canada PR - One time entry visa is approved and printed in our passports, i am planning to do my landing separately (by scheduling an interview, since i will not be leaving Canada) and my spouse will be doing her landing in Canada at later point of time.

    In the above case, i have few queries-
    1. Does IRCC entertain PR one time entry VISA processing at different VISA offices (inside and outside of Canada), when principal applicant and dependent spouse are part of one PR EE application ?
    2. Is it feasible that a principal applicant can perform landing, by scheduling an interview separately i.e. without the dependent ? (in my application- i have answered 'Yes' to the question - 'Will you accompany your spouse to Canada'; and i am aware that principal applicant should enter Canada/ perform landing processing before dependent applicant or together)
    3. If principal applicant (myself) does landing separately by scheduling an interview, will that cause any problem for the dependent applicant at port of entry landing i.e. at Canada airports (travelling by air) ?
    Request forum mates help in clarifying my queries about PR processing. Thanks everyone in advance.
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  2. Hi

    You don't need to request for your part to be processed here and your spouse's part in India.

    1. That is how it is done.

    2. Yes.

    3. No.
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  3. Thank you for clarifying my queries @canuck_in_uk.

    And i remember, this is not the first time you jumped in to help me; always appreciate your inputs. I owe you crispy cream treat.. ;)
  4. Hi there, I’m in the same position just like you. I’m here in Canada and my spouse is in india. I got my COPR and yet to proceed my landing formalities at the nearest cic office. My question is, when would my spouse get instruction on submitting passport in India ? Any input helps, thanks in advance
  5. Hi @Pxavier

    You will receive separate instructions by email to main applicant email address only (not to any other email address in the profile), for (your spouse) application submission to New Delhi office in INDIA, through VFS service partner.
    You can proceed and submit your passport to CIC Ottawa address, so that you can complete your landing ASAP, and your spouse can land in Canada then after.
    let me know if you require any additional information.

    Note: Primary applicant should complete PR landing procedure before/ along with the dependent applicants. As per CIC advise and guidelines, Dependent applicant(s) cannot land in Canada (before primary applicant landing) to become Permanent Resident(s) of Canada; but in few cases the visa officer has the sole discretion about the decision making (can make exceptions) during dependents PR landing process.
  6. @ SriTLIN Thank you very much for your reply, As you said I got instruction for my husband.
  7. Hi just wondered how long did you wait to receive a request for your husbands passport request?
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  8. Hi...today I got passport request for my spouse .. she is in India right now but I didn’t get mine.. I am in Canada on open work permit ...I am little worried ... can somebody tell me why is this happened??? Technically we both should get ppr together

  9. Hi PLS, I Just got something that looks like PPR.

    My wife is in Nigeria and I am in Canada. We are asked to submit passports. We plan to have her passport submitted via VFS in Nigeria, but THERE WAS NO INSTRUCTION on where I AM MEANT TO SUBMIT MY PASSPORT HERE IN CANADA.

  10. How did you solve this?
  11. I waited and got an INVITATION to Land in the Local CIC Office. I did not need to send my passport anywhere.
  12. I mean how did your wife got her Visa stamped?
  13. There was no problem with that.

    She submitted her Visa via VFS in Home Country and received the STamped Passport and COPR DOc two weeks later ....
  14. My real question is, how did they contact her? Did they send a letter or something or she went by herself to vfs with your letter

  15. Ooh, I see what you mean.

    She went with the letter addressed to me.

    She also submitted all the requested documents together with the letter.

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