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CEC - February 2019

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by 123ganda, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. Thanks!
  2. Are you inland or outland?
  3. I called CIC twice today
    At the first call,they said they have sent the ready for visa email ,which I think its PPR,to me on 21st MAY
    and after I handed over the call and logged into my account but nothing changes
    Then I called them second time to confirm that they said they did send ready for visa email but it will take up to 5 days for me to receive it

    any one has such kind of experience before?
  4. Can you share your timeline please?
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    CEC AND PNP Ontario
    VO Sydney

    AOR FEB 20th
    ADR APRIL 8th request for schedule A
    eligibility and criminality are recommend passed and passed around April 15th
    security passed around 15th MAY
    CIC Said PPR MAY 21th but not receive so far
  6. Inland
  7. Cool we are the same. Let's keep in touch and hopefully we will have good news the next week
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  8. Yup lets keep eachother posted and hopefully we'll have the good news soon!
  10. oh

    the passed is regarding to the criminality
  11. Interesting..! and are they okay with that? i mean calling them weekly :)
  12. i think they don't care

    at least they didn't say anything and sent me the ppr
  13. Oh, i got you now. because i got the same response as yours ' crm-passed, Elig-Recm-passed.
  14. you can wait for your security
    after it has been done your ppr soon
  15. According to the agent, it is underway!!

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