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CEC - February 2019

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by 123ganda, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. Feb 6 AoR
    Eligibility and criminality passed on March 26th
    Security not started as of May 14th

    never gonna move from security not started lol
    Edmonton VO. I live in Edmonton and I knew government is slow at everything but this is pathetic
  2. You’re only about halfway through the average processing time, don’t worry
  3. Again, this is false claim that this or that office is slow!! Remember this is a federal office working according to a federal plan .. best for all
  4. Please do research a bit about Edmonton office. My application stuck over there too. And I saw average processing time for this office is 5-6 months.anyhow we will see.
  5. It depends on your application. Last two weeks i know a guy who has got his PPR even before completing 3 months! was that a mistake?
  6. I got my PPR in 4 months and my VO was Edmonton.. so I guess it depends on each application but Edmonton is not necessarily slow.
  7. I got ghost update on May 3rd and called IRCC and agent told me that all my eligibility and criminality and security has passed and only pending for final review. Another 21 days past I still didn't get my golden mail. My visa office is first at Vancouver and then the agent tell me now my application is processing at Montreal. Don't know how this work flow works.

    Best luck of u and everyone.
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  8. Thats what i am talking about...
  9. Your AOR pls?
  10. Hello everyone, I also received a ghost update on May 3, 2019 and my review of ADR has been not applicable since I submitted RCMP certified criminical record for my spouse since last week of April 2019. Today I called the IRCC and they told me that my file has passed eligibility, criminality and security, pending final review and my visa office is Montreal. Here's my timeline:

    AOR: Feb 20, 2019
    MEP: April 2, 2019
    ADR request: April 2 and April 4, 2019
    ADR submitted: April 15 and April 30, 2019 (PCC and RCMP)
    Ghost update: May 3, 2019

    Fingers crossed, waiting for the golden email soon!
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  11. My Stream: CEC EE inland
    Here's my timeline
    Feb 21st, AoR

    April 3rd, MEP/ IP2 at the same time

    May 3rd, ghost update
  12. We are sharing basically the same time line.

    Good luck to both of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Would you mind sharing ADR requests?
  14. PCC (one of the countries I lived in required a request letter from IRCC) and RCMP for my spouse
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  15. Fingers crossed, we should get the PPR/Landing emails soon!

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