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CEC - February 2019

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by 123ganda, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. Nothing yet, still waiting..... How about you?
  2. Congratsss!!!
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  3. Did you try to contact them? my AOR is Jan 28, and I have 60 days remaining, I am so worried now cause someone said that Edmonton is extremely slow and they can reject your application even in last month...
  4. Same hereeeeee, waitingggggggg
  5. Thats very serious accusation! i think every application differ. DID YOU TRY TO CALL THEM? whats the status of your Criminality, eligibility by now??
  6. The eligibility is under review, background is not started yet, criminaligy they didn't mention
  7. Normally they give a generic response, however, if you ask in particular about Criminality, eligibility, security...then you will find a clear answer if the agent is willing.

  8. Can you share your time line?
  9. Hi Folks,

    Hope everyone is doing ok.

    Just wanted to share my status :

    AOR : 1st Feb
    Category : CEC Inland
    Medical Passed : 17th March
    Updated Marital Status : 28th March
    Submitted Marriage Documents : 27th May
    Wifes Medical Updated Passed : 4th June
    Awaiting PPR!

    Does anyone have any idea how much time more as my account says 57 days remaining.

    I called CIC yesterday and they said Criminality, Background Check and Security is pending.

    I would appreciate if someone can share some insights on when can I expect some reply.

    All the best to all!

    Thanks! :)
  10. 53 day left over say hi!
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  11. Stream: CEC- Inland, AOR:Jan 23 , MED: Apr 04
    India | Rsdt:Canada | Visa Office: Edmonton | status: IP2
    Called CIC (Dial # 8882422100) to know the status. Last I called them 3 weeks earlier and they mentioned my Visa Office is Edmonton.
    Today after entering my information (Application number, year of birth). the IVR was responding like: "We are unable to find your application in our system". I double checked the informations and tried the same 4-5 times but the response is same.
    Did anyone else faced the same issue?
  12. Yup!! Nothing to worry, I also faced same issue. That's the system default, agent informed me.
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  13. Yesterday for the first time the automated system couldn't find my app either. I was able to get a rep who said that my application is ok and still being processed. The good thing is that I'm still able to access the status online...whew!!!
  14. Hi, we are exactly on the same page. The last update was my medical passed last March 17 and until now waiting for anything. I call CIC last week and they said they are still processing the background check as it shows on my account. Hoping that we get an update anytime soon. God bless!
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  15. Hey Guys,

    I recently received PPR! here is my timeline.

    CEC Inland
    AOR Feb 27
    Medical : April 5th
    Spouse biometrics : April 9th
    RPRF requested : April 8th
    RPRF Paid : April 9th
    PPR email : June 3rd
    Processing office - Sydney NS

    Thanks and all the best to everyone!
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