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CEC - August 2019 AOR Group - Applicants Join Here

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by a-imperator, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. All who have submitted their CEC application in August.

    Join Here.
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  2. ITA: 24-July-2019
    e-APR: 13-August-2019
    AOR: 13-August-2019
  3. ITA: 24-July-2019
    e-APR: 02-August-2019
    AOR: 02-August-2019
  4. ITA 24 July 2019
    AOR-05AUG 2019
  5. ITA: 24 July 2019
    e-APR: 22 Aug 2019
    AoR: 22 Aug 2019
  6. Aug 27th Medical passed
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  7. does anyone online file shows the tracker in profile? mine does not show anything
  8. nice, congratz.. August AORs are moving steadily now
  9. It will show after you get your MEP. It doesn't show at the AOR stage yet..

    Also, please let us know what is your timeline. AOR date?
  10. ITA- 12th August
    Trying to get proof of finance
    Did anyone use pay stubs as proof of finance or bank statements?
  11. Anyone applying/applied for BWOP
  12. Can someone help me please,

    Where should I enter my Canadian experience. I entered it under work history but I could not get the score from it. Where did I make the mistake?
  13. Are you CEC? I don't think CEC require a proof of funds. Why are they requesting it from you?
  14. CRS: 489
    ITA: 12 AUG 2019
    AOR:18 AUG 2019
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  15. How do you private message someone?

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