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CEC April 2019 Applicants

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by SheriffWho, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. I got nominated but I opted for the Canadian Experience Class inland application after having that 1 year of work experience.
  2. Also received the same email and same date and place as your interview but different time (earlier) :)
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  3. Congratulations!!! Hope the interview is smooth and easy. And I also hope everything runs smoothly for everyone and may all wishes come true!!!
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  4. I think the email we received was almost the same as the PPR email. Requirements are almost the same (passport, 2 photos..). The only difference is, instead of mailing, we go to an IRCC office and personally bring in the requirements. Hopefully the interview will simply be for formality's sake.
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  5. Thanks! Hope everything will work out for you as well. We will probably bump at each other If I'm still around Harry Hays that time. My interview is the time slot before you.
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  6. Golden Mail :D

    AOR Apr 30
    MEP Jun 13
    IP2 Jun 14
    Ghost update Jun 29
    PPR Jul 02
  7. Congratulations @mindfreak. Can you kindly share
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  8. Thanks! What do you want me to share?
  9. Congrats !!! Please share your stream and how many dependents
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  10. Sorry i did not finish typing. Wanted you to share your NOC, no. of dependents and your visa office if you know it. Thanks
  11. NOC 2173, One dependent outland and Ottawa VO
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  12. Gold Gold

    Aor: 17th April
    I and my wife
    MEP: 29 May
    No other updates until today
    July 2: Ready for visa.

    I wish everyone here the best.
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  13. ITA - April 03
    AOR - April 15
    MEP - May 28

    Applied through consultant so not sure of any other ghost update or so.

    Expected completion - October 15
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  15. Congratulations on finding "GOLD" lol. Enjoy your landing experience and please do not forget to share that with us.

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