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CEC April 2019 Applicants

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by SheriffWho, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. Updating:

    CEC inland
    1 Dependent
    Short travel history for the past 5 years
    Country of origin Brazil

    ITA: March 20, 2019
    AOR: April 4, 2019
    MEP: May 17, 2019
    Request for RCMP (wife): May 18, 2019
    RCMP uploaded: June 11, 2019

    Called CIC 2 weeks ago as anxiety started to kick in... status was as follows:
    Review ongoing, background check (security) ongoing and criminality not yet started...
    Was informed that VO changed from Sydney to Edmonton

    Called CIC yesterday again, status is still the same hasn't moved an inch...
  2. Any updates ? Eveeyone. AOR April 17, 2019. Still waiting for eligibility and security
  4. CEC. I've seen people with May AOR getting their pprs lol. So unfair ircc xD my application is fairly simple and straightforward as well. Idk how they decide on the timing.
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  5. Guys.
    A very kind request to all of you.
    Please do not call CIC just to check your application status or asking your processing centers (it won't make the process faster). The IRCC has limited number of employees in their call center handling numerous calls (out of which 80% are for status checks - could be avoided easily). This causes a serious problem for people with urgent/genuine issues since they have to wait hours just to get hold of a human when calling CIC call center.
    Guys, I understand your impatience and anxiety but please think about those people who really need to get through the automated system for their urgent issues.

    All the best with your applications.
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  6. Agreed!! Called once for some queries not to know the status. AOR- March 15, 2019. Just waiting
  7. That completely makes sense. I am waiting too. AOR May21st.
  8. Same. AOR April 15.
  9. AoR was April 2nd and still waiting for eligibility and security/background check. One applicant only. However, I already got my biometrics done and thinking about uploading it to IRCC in order to speed up the process hopefully.

    My VO is Vancouver. Does anyone have any idea about this VO?
  10. Hello,
    AoR 18th April 2019
    Medicals passed May 30th
    Criminality passed
    Eligibility recommended pass
    VO Edmonton
    Fingers crossed
  11. Hi,
    How did you know about the Eligibility?
    Thanks in advance
  12. Hey there ,

    How did you know about the eligibilty . I am a cec inland applicant and everytime i call ircc, it always says high call volume and the call drops

  13. You have to keep on trying. I had to call 4 to 5 times to get into the queue. I m cec inland applicant as well. The eligibility was informed to me by ircc agent when I called last month
  14. Thanks for the info !
  15. AOR -5TH April
    Medical -21 May
    NO PPR
    Direct Landing Interview Email -5th July
    1 Dependent - Both are Inland
    upfront medical and RCMP
    We never open our account from the day we got AOR and never tried to Call CIC .. had some patience and just checked when we got an email FROM Immigration department.

    Thanks and all d best to All

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