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CEC April 2019 Applicants

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by SheriffWho, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. I just got my AOR on April 3, 2019 and thought I'd start a thread...
  2. Applied for Express Entry (CEC): February 12(ish), 2019
    ITA: February 20, 2019
    AOR: April 3, 2019
  3. ITA: March 20, 2019
    Docs Submitted: April 4, 2019
    AOR: April 4, 2019
  4. Entered EE Pool: March 30

    ITA: April 3
    AOR: April 5 or April 6
  5. ITA : April 3rd
    AOR : April 7th
  6. You may want to make a profile on www.myimmitracker.com to get a closer look at processing times for people in a similar situation to you, although each individual case obviously varies. It's a good tool, and your own processing times become useful for others to compare with as well. It's a free service, although I think there are also some high end features you can pay for if you want to.
  7. I could not add my case.
  8. Log in --> Account home --> Express Entry --> check full application status --> Express entry profile status --> View your profile --> in Form s do you it as Transmitted with a Lock symbol and View form Option?


    check in the above link. Please let me know what you see in your profile.
  9. Seems like we are looking at a 35-40 days wait time to have our medical exams move to "Passed" with no updates in between...
  10. I am not sure I can since my stuff is all being managed by my attorney. But I will check...
  11. EE Profile: March 1, 2019
    ITA: March 6, 2019
    AOR: April 14, 2019
  12. AOR: April 16, 2019
  13. I got an AOR on 7th march 2019. my medical passed On April 12,2019 and i recongnised my background check shows the msg that “ we are processing your background check . We will send you a msg if we will need more information” . What would you suggest the stage of my PR application and what is the expected time for PPR these days
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  14. AOR : 18 APR 2019


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