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** CEC Applicants - Aug 2021 - timeline & updates **



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Feb 1, 2019
NOC Code......
AOR Received.
24 august 2020
Hey guys I receive this letter from ircc today
Cec application with Outland dependent
Could anyone tell about?
is it normal or not?

(((Describe the development of your relationship, including the following details:
a. First contact with your spouse/common-law partner (i.e., when and where)
b. Provide timeline of dates, photos, and documentation of events in which you both
participated in, such as trips and outings.
c. Have you visited each other during your relationship? (i.e., when and where)
d. How do you communicate when not together? (e.g., phone, email, online chats)
e. Please provide dates of cohabitation, if applicable.
Was your relationship known to your close friends and family members? Yes/No common-law relationship skip to question #8
Was your marriage arranged? Please provide details on who arranged the marriage and when it was arranged.
Was there a formal ceremony to recognize/celebrate the engagement? Please provide details such as when, where, and who attended.
Was there a formal ceremony to recognize/celebrate the marriage? Please provide details such as when, where, who attended, and the religion in which the marriage was performed, if applicable.
Provide information regarding your religious beliefs.
Was there a reception? If so please provide details such as when, where, and who attended. Did you have a honeymoon (a holiday or trip taken by you and your spouse after the marriage)? Provide details such as when and where.
If in a common-law relationship, was there a commitment ceremon)))

HII @raman 253
I also got similar ircc questionary I have a question in that questionnaire one of the questions says provide information about your religious beliefs. so what should come in that question ..pls help
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Sep 29, 2021
I am waiting for my PR & Work Permit applications to be processed.
Can anyone help me explain what am I supposed to do !
I am confused between three different things :-

1) WP-EXT except PGWP - You are authorized to continue working with the same conditions (ie: employer and occupation) until 20 Nov, 2022
or until a decision is made on your application, whichever is first.

2) https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/work-canada/permit/temporary/extend/after-apply.html
If we don’t finalize your application by the date on your letter, you can still keep working until we make a decision.

3) https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/corporate/publications-manuals/operational-bulletins-manuals/temporary-residents/foreign-workers/work-without-permit/authorization-work-without-work-permit-implied-status.html
In cases where the 120 days have passed and no decision has been rendered, the applicant may request continued proof of authorization to work using the IRCC Web form.


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Jan 29, 2022
ok guys, I will go off this forum, but here is my timeline. Hope it helps you
PNP inland CEC applied JAnuary ( 2 yrs experience)
invited from Province on February
Applied to Express Entry on February,
Invited to apply EE on MArch
Got AOR end of April ( beggining of MAy)
Upfront medical and biometrics ( medical was done upfront, biometrics were taken from my initial entry to canada )
2 ghost updates in September 7 days appart
September 12 got an email saying PR accepted
Portal 2 days after ( uploaded the picture and address)
Now waiting for the card in the mail to arrive.....

Good luck guys, I was pretty lucky and it happened very fast.......I hope you all get so lucky aswell.....