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CEC) 1 year work experience from two different NOC?

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by dwdw0, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. Thanks a lot, brother.
  2. A pretty complicated case here. I started working part-time after I graduated this April and applied/received my PGWP. My contract allowed a flexible number of part-time hours. As the year went on, I went from working two days a week, to three days a week, and in late September I received a full time contract for the same position. Can I count time from April to September together with my 30h every week since September for 1 total year of experience, especially if I'm also considering potentially moving into a job with a different NOC in the near future?
  3. It would depend on the date of commencement given in the letter which your wife would need to have as confirmation of employment status. The letter is required for the PR application and IRCC specify the details required in that letter. The rate of pay is not a consideration.
  4. You can count part time work towards your year. This is quoted by IRCC as 1560 hours per year, this is based on the definition of full time work as 30 hours per week (30 x 52 =1560). So add together all the part time hours, except any hours over 30 in any one week, divide by 30, and add that number of weeks to your full time weeks. If you have 52 weeks or more then you have your qualifying year.
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  5. She had been working there as cashiers from November 2018 and took the promotion to Supervisor in 22nd Jan2019.

    Only concern is how sometimes IRCC says that your pay should match the minimum pay rate for that role. I think a letter stating the delay in increase of pay was from the management end should suffice. What do you suggest?

    Also could you please link me to the details of the letter as required by IRCC?
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    Some people call the letter a reference but it is a letter which confirms the job title, its roles and responsibilities, start date, duration, hours of work and pay. It should be on company letter head giving the usual contact details and signed by manager, supervisor or HR department. It is important that the roles and responsibilities reflect the definitions of a relevant qualifying NOC code. It is best to get the employer to reflect the work actually undertaken rather than copying the NOC definition. When filling out the PR application IRCC detail the requirements for the letter and there are many explanations online here is just one of them. https://www.canadianimmigrationpodcast.com/express-entry-how-to-draft-an-employer-reference-letter-that-works/ . This one recommends also including a business card of the person signing the letter, that is not stipulated by IRCC and I did not include that. It is not a requirement to include payslips although I did because my work pattern was irregular and I needed to demonstrate adequate totals of part time hours.

    What I was trying to say was that if the employer includes a start date for the qualifying job of 22 January in the letter that should be acceptable and it is unlikely that questions will be asked about earnings.

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  7. Thank you for the detailed explanation, all the details are in her letter of employment as I used that letter for my SOWP. I’ll check out the link for further details.

    Thanks for clarifying regarding the pay.
  8. Thank you! So I should be able to count (part time in job A) + (full time in job A) + (full time in job B), correct?
  9. Yes, but your part-time work has to be prorated - meaning you have to calculate the full-time equivalence, as indicated by monkeyspanner.
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  10. hi seniors ,is it acceptable to combine two part time jobs in the express entry profile (CEC) to claim 2 year work experience in Canada ?( have enough continues hours to meet two year criteria)
  11. Generally, yes, but would have to have more details to address your specific situation. As long as you never exceeded 30 hours, and the two jobs were sequential (one after the other), then it is easy, you add up the hours and divide by 30 to get the number of full-time equivalent weeks of experience.

    If you worked more than 30 hours at any time, or if you worked both jobs at the same time (simultaneous instead of sequential), it is more complicated.
  12. thanks jes_ON for the reply,
    My scenario is I started working part time as RPN from Nov-2017 till May 2018 with employer A(total 630 hours) meanwhile I started another part time from Feb 2018 till now and has full time hours.If I wanted to claim 2 years experience I have to Waite till 2020 Feb .My doubt is if I can combine these two experience in one raw in EE profile .
  13. Not entirely sure what the question is, and I sure don´t know what a "raw" profile is : )

    But to calculate your experience correctly, you´re going to need to divide your experience into 3-4 time periods.

    T1 - Employer A - part-time part-time - add up the hours (no more than 30 hours per week) and divide by 30 = FTE weeks
    T2 - Employer A- part-time PLUS Employer B part-time - any week where you have 30 or more hours combined, it simply counts as one full-time week - count the weeks.
    T3 - Employer B - part-time - add up the hours (no more than 30 hours per week) and divide by 30 = FTE weeks
    T4 - Employer B - full-time - count the weeks

    You would add up your FTE weeks and fulltime weeks.
  14. Hope this is the right place to add a question for my partner regarding his PR application.

    He is applying for PR under the EE Scheme as CEC. What his concern is right now is while his duties for work fit into a skilled NOC, the job title he has doesn't - the company he works for doesnt really give accurate titles for the job. When he declares a NOC which is level B, do they look at the letter from the employer and correlate it to the duties, or do they just go on job title.

    They have said no to adjusting his title to something more accurate.

  15. They have to go by the lead statement and the job duties/responsibilities. This is not to say that a job title suggestive of an unskilled job will not cause issues, so he would have to have a solid job description (confirmed in his employer´s letter) that leaves no doubt. This can be difficult to accomplish, and a lot of people struggle to understand the differences between NOCs.

    Feel free to paste the job duties here, we can give an opinion...

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