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CEC) 1 year work experience from two different NOC?

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by dwdw0, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. Hi

    I have a question if I can accumulate 1 year (1560 hours) of experience from 2 different NOC

    I am a LPN and will be RN soon.. I have accumulated about 1460hours and needs about 100 hours... Problem is that I already resigned my position as a LPN and about to be RN.... Can I use 100 hours as RN in the future to be qualified as CEC?

    Please help me!

    Thank you in advance
  2. Yes you can use two different NOC code jobs. However you can only count a maximum of 30 hours in each working week as IRCC define that as full time (30 x 52 =1560) so you do have to complete 52 full time weeks or the equivalent in part time work.
  3. Go through this link in dept. work exp for CEC need not be continuous but you are required to fulfill other criteria’s.

  4. You only count hours if you are part-time (working fewer than 30 hours per week) to calculate one year of full-time equivalent (which by defintion takes longer than 1 calendar year to accumulate).

    IF you are working full-time (defined as 30 or more hours worked per week) you must work a full calendar year (52 weeks). Yes, you can combine more than one job, more than one NOC.
  5. If I apply in CEC, can I change my Noc? I have one year experience in NOC 1221. Now I applied for another job in NOC 1211. Will this be a problem when I apply in CEC? What do I have to be careful about regarding NOC change. I would be grateful if someone can help.
  6. As long as both NOC codes are qualifying codes for CEC it will be acceptable. You will need a letter in the right format for your CEC application from each employer for each job.
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  7. Are you a provincial nominee or a CEC ?
  8. Lol I was actually asking for my sister.. she doesn't have an account here :D
  9. Hi, Kindly help me, I am in confusion.I have done two different job. One is warehouse supervisor that is NOC level B (1215) for three months and 9 months as a Production technician in Pharmaceutical Industry NOC Level B (2221). So it can be calculated as a One year experience or not.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
  10. Yes, Before that write an LOE to the officer like saying in one year you got 2 job titles and moreover attach all the paystubs and Notice of assessments and T4. If not you better to wait 3 more months and apply under production tech as one year. Because the agent will push the file to review required and he will ask the officer to review your case but it takes forever to open the file again. In case the thing happened i waited almost 11months. So, you better to wait 3 more months and apply.

  11. Yes, it can, you should count total weeks worked, you need 52 weeks (= 1 year), assuming you worked full-time in both positions.
  12. Hi all, I have Canadian experience in two NOC B jobs (NOC 7246 and NOC 2282). I started my NOC 7246 in November 2017 and left the position in March 2018. Within 3 days I started NOC 2282 and completed one year in it and still working. Now, I am applying for CEC and confused if I should add 7246 or not because I already one year experience in 2282. By the way both jobs, I worked full time and averaging not less than 38 hrs/week in any job and no vacations or medical leaves. I would really appreciate your feedback on this.

    Thank you in advance.
  13. If you have 12months in a qualifying job you don't have to claim for any other qualifying job. Any job you claim as experience will require a letter from your employer.
  14. Hi I need some help. I have 2 mic codes2282 and 2283. I have more years in 2283 but I will like to apply to Manitoba PNP under 2282. Do I have to write both noc in express entry(it says 1 NOC) and can I apply for pnp under a different NOC?
    Please help

  15. If you're looking to claim points for both NOC's then you'll have to include both in your profile. You have to choose a primary one but you can still include both.

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