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Canada work permit applied in UAE Abudhabi 2019

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Malkeet1, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. hi sunshine,
    have you received any update?
    processing time has been changed from 27 to 23 week today.
  2. Hi,

    If reduce timeline it means previous applications has processed and decision has been made out.
    Candidates passed the processing time will nearly get decision soon.

    Hope for the best...!:)
  3. Yeah it reduced from 27 weeks last 2 weeks ago from 23 weeks today... Hope we will receive our visa approval soonest before second Eid comes
  4. I just received an email from cic Abu Dhabi today at around 4 in the afternoon, it's an information update about the validity of my biometrics that I should have a copy of the validity form that they sent to me today and keep that with me for future purposes. I hope one of this days I'll be receiving a PPR soon!
  5. hope so..it should be because we are all waiting form long time. And please be in touch with each other.
    keep updating if receive any information.

    when u applied ?
  6. I applied 3rd of February in VFS Oman my biometrics was taken on the same day as well. I'm on my 25the weeks this coming weeks
  7. no update yet actually, Im 28 weeks this week :(
  8. hi alpha, when you got validation of your biometrics, IRCC sent email about the update? I have no updates yet, I applied Jan2019 :(
  9. Just today at 4 in the afternoon when I checked my email then they attached the validity form of my biometrics.

    Have you ever try to send a web form about the status of your application?
  10. I see, congrats, at least you have an update. I sent webforms in Apr, May and June and no reply from IRCC yet :(
  11. Try to send a web form again to them but this time you should indicate the number of weeks that you already had, your application number and your UCI number then tell to them that your employer is asking for an update about your application. That's what I always did. They will reply to your inquiries for a couple of days.
  12. Same Noc. Here. I applied on 15th April,2019 from Kuwait.
    Bio done 16th April.
    18th June application review.
    After that no update.
  13. If you guys maintain the conversation in English then it will be great help for other candidates. Its a request.
  14. Ive red some post on facebook group regarding the biometrics confirmation email from CIC. They received the PPR after 1 week after receiving the letter. Goodluck and keep us updated
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  15. I'm also hoping that PPR will be next, because I'm done everything.... Medical was done since 10th of May (this is the date the clinic uploaded my medical result) since then no updates especially for the month of June, only now July they updated me by replying on my quires regarding the status of my application, I submitted my web form on the 1st of July and they replied to me 10th of July (telling to me that my application is in queue for review of the visa officer) then on the 25th of July which is last Thursday, I received that Bio metrics validity letter from IRCC.... I hope and pray that I will be receiving my PPR within this week.... because Ill be in my 25th weeks this coming Sunday, and also I'm just depending on updates that they are sending to me thru emails because many times I tried to link my paper thru online but unfortunately I can't.

    Let's hope and pray that everything will be fine... In God's will

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