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Canada work permit applied in UAE Abudhabi 2019

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Malkeet1, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. Oo totoo yun, ung sa akin nga lahat ng certificate of employment ko from past to present sinumbit ko then ung referrals and coe from my present company sinama ko din. Hindi ako nagsumbit ng payslips Kasi Wala kami niyan dito sa company na pinapasukan ko, what I did I submitted all my contracts from my 1st contract to present with signature ng employer ko.
  2. Hello sunshinecanada,

    How are you? Is there any updates on your application?
  3. Please do conversations in English only.
  4. Sorry for that, we're talking about his friend received a refusal letter from the CIC end of May because of lack of requirements such as reference letter from his current employer that's the reason of his refusal. I shared also some of the requirements that I sent during my application.
  5. which date his friend apply ?
  6. He said last January he didn't give the specific date and received the refusal last week of May
  7. oohh I see , it means those which applications are not success are getting refusals on time at least i would say 3-4 months time if application is refused, and if cross there is good chance of getting approvals [ this is my assumption , not sure ] , we have somehow passed the processing time specially sunshinecanada, lets hope for the best :)

    Keep in touch..!
  8. I hope so because for me I'm on my 23 weeks this week so hoping all of us get a positive response after this long waiting process
  9. Hope so..
    one of my friend applied on 30 dec 2018 from abudhabi.
    still waiting for Decision nothing update.
    his 29 week going on. he has 4 time refusal before.
  10. What was the reason of his refusals before?
  11. Hi dear sir maam i have experience knowledge hypper market dear sir if you possible i will apply job Canada thank you...
  12. There are no jobs or employers on this forum and will be impossible to secure a job in a Hypermarket/Supermarket from outside of Canada
  13. when he applied first time his consultant fill his occupation farmer but he was truck driver.
    2nd time the consultant did not mention his previous refusal in application form.
    3rd time his consultant applied ETA.
    and 4th time I dnt remember refusal reason.
    but he got all previous refusal less than 3.5 months. now he crossed the more than 6 months and may be he will get positive result.
  14. Applied for SOWP on March 28th..till now no updates.. Anyout there Who applied for SPOW from dubai please let me know
  15. Let's all be positive that after this long waiting we will get a positive response at the end.

    Is there any updates to those who submitted there application on January 2019?

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