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Canada work permit applied in UAE Abudhabi 2019

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Malkeet1, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone

    I applied for canada work permit in Abudhabi online on 24 Feb 2019 and Biometrics on 27 Feb 2019. Still waiting for Decision.
    Is there any one who applied as same ?
    Or any one got Decision?
  2. Brother...under which noc code you applied?
  3. Truck driver?...give me your Whatspp?
  4. Applied for Work permit on 28th Feb 2019. Application being processed at abudhabi visa office. Medical passed and background check started on 20th May. No updates till now
  5. Hi kiran
    May I know that in which profession had you applied ?
    Because medical is not require if you are applying from UAE.
  6. I have applied from Kuwait and my visa is being processed in Abu Dhabi.
    Profession: Respiratory Therapist (3214)
  7. ok. that's why you needed medical.
    it depend on visa application purpose.
    Is there any another way we can check the status other than online?
  8. Another option is sending a web form. But don’t expect a reply from them. If there’s a reply, that would be “Your application is in queue for review by an officer.”
  9. hi kiran
    any update yet ?

  10. Hi,

    I applied online work permit on 19-Feb-2019, from Consultant in Canada via Canadian Embassy in UAE.
    Biometrics done on 24-Feb-2019 from Qatar , That time the processing time was 19 weeks from Qatar.
    Now its showing 23 weeks, I am in process of 18 weeks still no any updates e.g Medical request etc, I submitted all the relevant documents which supports to application except medical was not the required one at the time of submission.

    Can some one inform Noc 7241, need medical ? or I have to give medical what ever the NOC code would be ? as i applied from Qatar ?
  11. Applied Jan 10, 2019. My app is now 24 weeks and no update or anything. UAE processing time now shows 19 weeks. Mine is 5 weeks past the processing time which is annoying and ridiculous. I have sent multiple webforms already :(
  12. Did you get any reply for your web forms?
  13. No, I did not :(

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