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Can i sponsor my brother?

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by xxicarusxx, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. Hi

    I have a question. I was wondering if I can I sponsor my brother. I just saw in cic website that it is possible to sponsor one relative regardless of age/relations only if I don't have anybody (spouse,parents, grandparents, siblings etc) in Canada. but in option 1 it states that they're should be under 18 years of age. My brother is over 18 years of age can i still sponsor him? also my marital status here in Canada is divorced does it may affect my sponsorship application? I dont have any relatives living with me here in Canada.

    Who you can sponsor

    Depending on your circumstances, there are two options for who you can sponsor.
    Option 1 – Orphaned close relatives

    You can sponsor close relatives, related by blood or adoption, such as brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, or grandchildren only if they meet all of the following conditions:

    They are orphaned,
    They are under 18, and
    They do not have a spouse, common law partner, or conjugal partner.

    Option 2 – Other relative

    You may sponsor one relative, related by blood or adoption, of any age if you meet all of the following conditions:

    you do not have a spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner, or one of the following living relatives you could sponsor instead:
    son or daughter,
    brother or sister,
    uncle, aunt,
    nephew or niece.
    you do not have any of the above-named relatives who is a:
    Canadian citizen,
    permanent resident, or
    registered Indian under the Indian Act.

    I will truly appreciate your feedbacks.

    Thank you.
  2. You are obviously interested in Option 2.

    I'll tell you what my reading of Option 2 is, but I'm just giving my opinion.

    It says you could sponsor one relative, if you do not have a spouse, and if you have no relatives in Canada, etc.
    There are other conditions as to whether you quality - there is a minimum time that you must be a PR yourself before you can sponsor anyone.

    Looking at Option 2, it says you could sponsor one relative IF there is no other relative from the list who you could sponsor.

    So, IF you have a brother or sister, niece or nephew UNDER 18 years that is someone who you could sponsor, therefore you cannot choose as an option to sponsor a brother who is over 18

    IF you have a living parent or grandparent, that is someone who you could choose to sponsor, therefore you cannot choose to sponsor a brother who is over 18

    IF you have a son or daughter, or an aunt or uncle, those are people you could choose to sponsor, therefore you cannot sponsor a brother who is over 18.

    Canada Immigration does not provide sponsorship of adult siblings as a category they want to accomodate.

    However, your adult brother can apply on his own, and he would list you as family, and you could provide a letter of support to show he will have a place to stay, and have help in adjusting to Canada. They will consider it a positive for him to have family connection in Canada.
    But sponsoring him could only be possible under those very limited circumstances, and most people would have other qualifying family available for sponsorship such as parents / grandparents, young nieces etc, therefore you wouldn't be able to be the Sponsor for your adult brother.
  3. You can only sponsor your adult brother if your parents are dead, you have no spouse/children you could sponsor and you have on Canadian citizen/PR relatives in the world.
  4. Provided your brother is alone and you are alone in Canada.
  5. No, the brother being alone is completely irrelevant. As long as the sponsor qualifies, the brother, his spouse and any dependent kids can be included in the application.
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  6. Hello Guys,

    I have a question on the same topic.
    I am expecting to get my PR in 2 months. and planning to sponsor my little sister. She has completed 18 already and will be 19 in next May.

    So far, I was in an impression that the rule is for 19years old and finding here that she needs to be Under 18 years.

    Can someone please confirm whats the age eligibility for this sponsorship? Link on CIC website, if someone can find, would be great. (My parents are alive and she is living with them)

    Thanks you in advance.

  7. The under 18 rule is for orphaned siblings. Your parents would have to be deceased.

    For option 2, your parents have to be deceased, and you also must be alone in Canada.

    Either way you can't sponsor your sister.
  8. Hey guys,

    I want to ask that if a PR holder can sponsor his younger brother who is 24 years old? I don't have anyone in Canada though my parents are still alive and are living in India with my brother. My idea is I am thinking of first sponsoring my brother with the reason that I am alone in Canada and don't have anyone as per the rules. Then I or my brother (if he gets PR through the sponsorship) can sponsor my parents later.I request the experts here to please offer their invaluable suggestions!
  9. As already stated in this thread, you cannot sponsor a sibling when your parents are alive.
  10. Ask your brother to immigrate the same way you did.
  11. I have same question. My brother is living in Alberta with his family.I read about family sponsorship, whether he’s eligible to sponsor me or not. I’m planning to apply family sponsorship program in Alberta. Can you anyone explain me ?
  12. No - he cannot sponsor you since he has a family in Canada. You will need to qualify and apply on your own.
  13. Hi there, I had a quick question.
    I am a Canadian citizen from two year.
    I have three sisters ages 19 , 21 and 22.
    What would be the best way to bring them over here.
    Also I am married and planing to bring my wife too.
    I already have super Visa for parents.
  14. No idea why people keep asking the same dumb question over and over and over on the same thread when it has been answered 500 times.
  15. You cannot sponsor your sisters. Please read all the posts above and ask yourself why your case is any different from the rest who cannot sponsor a sibling.

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