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Can dependent land alone after main applicant short landing?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by bnp, May 27, 2017.

  1. Your dependents cannot get PR cards before actually landing as PRs. They will need to travel to Canada while their COPRs are still valid and become PRs. They can then return to their country and come to Canada later on when you have settled.
  2. Hello,
    I am the Primary Applicant and I am going to travel to canada with COPR in Jan 19. My Daughter(2 years old) will come later with her grandparents(my parents who will be traveling with their visitor visa) to Canada in Mar 19. So will this work? Do i need any documents because my daughter is minor will be coming with my parents and she has her COPR too?
  3. I strongly suggest: don't do that,,, Where is her mother?,,, it should be suspicious to the border officer,,,
  4. I don't believe that she will be able to land without a parent there to sign for her. You can contact CBSA to ask. If she can't land, she will enter as a visitor and you will need to flagpole with her or make an appointment at IRCC office.

    Your parents will need written permission from you, and the other parent if you don't have sole custody, to travel with the child.
  5. It isn't suspicious at all.
  6. but, it is!
  7. No, it isn't. It is very reasonable to want to get settled before bringing a toddler over and quite normal to leave a child temporarily in the care of the grandparents.
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    Hi Everyone,

    I am the primary applicant (current in Canada on Closed Work permit) and my spouse is the dependent. My spouse is planning to enter Canada during the end of this month and already has her air tickets booked .

    I have called the CIC customer care and asked- "If i am unable to complete (primary applicant) landing process by then, will my spouse be able to enter Canada", and the support executive mentioned - "She has to mention the CIC officer, that Primary applicant has not completed the Landing process and she would be allowed to enter Canada as a visitor and complete her landing process later"

    Did anyone try this out and is there any discussion available on this scenario; i want to make sure, she wouldn't face any problem during entry to Canada. Thank you for your time.


    I found this article https://www.canada.ca/content/dam/ircc/migration/ircc/english/resources/manuals/enf/enf04-eng.pdf

    Page 63 & 64:
    12.13 Family members arriving before the principal applicant Occasionally, a border services officer at Immigration Secondary will encounter a family member who arrives before the principal applicant and is seeking permanent residence. Paragraph R51(b) requires a permanent resident visa holder to establish that they and their family members, whether accompanying or not, meet the requirements of the Act and Regulations. For a family member to meet these requirements, it is usually incumbent on the principal applicant being admissible at the POE. This also holds true for the principal applicant arriving before their family members. A border services officer encountering this situation should obtain the following information from the family member or principal applicant:

    • why the family member or principal applicant is preceding the rest of the family (e.g., to seek accommodation or employment, lack of a seat on the aircraft carrying the principal applicant);
    • when the rest of the family is due to arrive; and
    • the person’s means of support
    The border services officer should complete the verification process but should not grant permanent resident status to the family member. If the person has a valid permanent resident visa and the border services officer is satisfied that the rest of the family intends to come to Canada, the border services officer may wish to defer the examination pursuant to section A23 in order to obtain more information or wait until the rest of the family arrives so they may be examined. The border services officer should enter the information into GCMS by means of a GCMS Note, which indicates that the granting of permanent residence has been deferred pending the arrival of the rest of the family. If the border services officer has reasonable grounds to believe that the rest of the family will not be coming to Canada, the border services officer should initiate enforcement action unless the person qualifies in their own right for permanent resident status.

    I will ask my spouse to mention the reason as "Myself being in Canada; I was unable to complete the landing process in time, and we will be completing the PR landing process together later". I have also raised a CSE regarding the same query; and will use the CSE response as a reference during my spouse entry to Canada.
  9. It is entirely up to CBSA whether to grant her entry as a visitor or not. She will likely be allowed entry but no one can guarantee it.
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  10. Hi all. Need some guidance
    I am the primary applicant and my spouse is secondary applicant. For proof of funds I have shown a joint bank account of me and my spouse.
    After COPR can I land in Canada alone or do we have to land together?
  11. You can land alone.
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  12. Thank you for the response @canuck_in_uk . If possible, i am planning to complete my PR landing before my spouse arrives, so that we are not complicating things during entry to Canada. Hope everything goes well :rolleyes:
  13. Good Morning Good people,
    I have a challenge. We are a family of three and I am the principal applicant. Our medicals are expiring in March 2019 and we are still expecting our PPR.
    My wife may not be able to get on the plane from mid January 2019 as she will be close to her EDD.
    I would not be able to travel with our 2 year old son alone.
    My questions are:
    1. If I choose to land alone, I know I can't add any new dependent to my application if my wife puts to bed before she lands but can my son be allowed to land after the new baby has been born?
    2. If none of them is allowed to land after the new baby what options are available to me to bring them to Canada as I do not want to split my family. I also don't want to waste the application fee we spent on them.
    3. How can I convert the express entry application fee to another program fee.
    Thanks for your assistance.
  14. 1. Your son should still be able to land.

    2. If your family requires TRVs, they likely will not be approved. You will need to remain in Canada and sponsor them.

    3. You can't. The RPRF will be refunded for anyone who doesn't land but the other fees are gone.
  15. Please advise me on the best way forward.

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