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Can dependent land alone after main applicant short landing?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by bnp, May 27, 2017.

  1. So there is a question – is it possible to land as follows:

    1. Main applicant landing. Coming back to country of origin in two weeks.
    2. Dependent applicant landing alone in a month (while main applicant in country of origin).

    Is it ok? What is the procedure and/or dociments for dependent?

    Failed to find info on CIC web-page...
  2. Yes, the dependent can land alone after the main applicant. There is no different procedure.
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  3. Is there a COPR for each applicant? Not one for all?
  4. One for each person.
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  5. i suggest you all land together
  6. Why? There's no need for them to land together. The rules regarding landings are perfectly clear. Provided the primary applicant lands first, there is no issue with the dependent(s) landing later. Many people on this forum have done this without issue.
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  7. Yes you will receive your individual COPR. Also, the primary applicant has to land the first time irrespective of the dependents. Dependents cannot land the first time without the primary applicant. Once the landing formalities are completed, either of you can return to Canada as you wish.
  8. Hi members,

    I got my PPR and waiting for to receive the COPR. I am also interested in this topic. I understand that the dependents can land alone providing that the primary applicant has already landed once.

    However, can someone pls share an official internet link explaining the process. I have tried to find on internet but I do not find any official information ... I only see people in forums saying that it is possible but they do not explain how to do and what do the dependents needs to do or bring exactly.

    And does this situation has impact on the PR card process afterwards ? or can the primary applicant apply for PR card for all the dependents despite they have not yet landed in Canada ?
    Same for the social security number ... can the primary applicant apply for social security number for all the dependents despite they have not yet landed in Canada ?

    I hope someone could help on this one.

    Thank you in advance.
  9. Hi

    There is no official link or "how to" because it is the exact same process: dependent takes COPR and passport and lands as a PR. If they are bringing goods, they also fill out the customs forms.

    No, you can't apply for their PR cards before they actually become PRs.

    Canada has Social Insurance Numbers, not social security numbers. No, you can't apply for SINs for your dependents before they land.
  10. Thanks for your reply and confirmations.
  11. Do dependents need to show any proof that the primary application has already landed. I guess the system at the immigration office will have the landing details of the primary applicant. Is it correct?
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    non official
    Accompanying dependent: A spouse or a dependent child of the principal applicant who intends to obtain permanent resident status in Canada. Accompanying dependents can travel separately from the principal applicant but must not arrive in Canada before the principal applicant.

    At your account in the Application/profile detail Application summary section there is a Help sign "?" beside the Application Number with a statement: "The dependants listed include all those you put in your application. They may or may not be coming with you to Canada if we approve your application."
  13. No, dependents don't need to show proof that the PA has landed. It will be in the system.
  14. Thanks for your clarifications ;)
    just fyi, I landed in Calgary with my accompanying dependents
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  15. thanks

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