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CALGARY Apartments

Discussion in 'Housing' started by Gravity, May 21, 2012.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    --- We are couple with no kids and going to land in Calgary in Aug, so what u suggest for us Apartment, House, Condo? We want to live
    Independently as we are Vegeterian.

    --- what will be the minimum Rent? Monthly Expense?

    --- what is the procedure after taking rent a house?

    --- Its contract of 11 months or depends upon Landlord?

    --- what type of paper we have to sign?
  2. I suggest you contact a realtor they are the onlyones that can truly help

    I recomend power propertirs they specialize in new commers and have properties for every budget


    I dont work for them or rent with them but did a few years ago and they made my life very easy
  3. 1) Depends on where you live and what you want. It doesn't where you rent, many landlords will have clauses in their contracts against modifying their yards (i. e., putting in gardens). You will have to ask the landlord separately.

    2) Rent for 1 bedroom starts at $700 for a basement suite in the NE and can go as high as you can imagine.

    3) Inspection - check for any defects, stains in carpet, leaks, cabinet doors open and shut well, broken doors, etc. A lot of it depends if the place is vacant or rented. If it is vacant, you usually get the keys right away. If not, you must wait.

    4) No, 6 or 12 are standard. Some also go month-to-month.

    5) Rental agreement. If the landlord only makes a contract with 1 of you, the other may need to sign a roommate agreement, but that's rare for married couples.

    I wouldn't contact a realtor personally. They are paid on comission, so will push for you to rent expensive properties, so they make more comission. I would check www.rentfaster.ca or www.kijiji.com for rentals. Do NOT give anyone cash for a damage deposit (checks or money orders only) and do not rent a property sight unseen, especially if its way too cheap and beautiful at the same time. If you're lowballing the rent, expect an older, run down area......... don't expect a fancy apartment for cheap. That doesn't happen.
  4. Hello AMIKETY,

    Thanks a lot for replying.

    I could not understand ur line (i. e., putting in gardens). You will have to ask the landlord separately. what does this means?

    --- I am going to brings 5000$ so how should i bring? DD, Travel Cheque or some other way? what charge will bank deduct when i will encash the travel cheque?

    --- can u suggest what should i bring generally when i come there? I mean to say Vessels, Grocery, Clothes etc etc.

    --- What about medical over there we are PR so can u get benefits of Medical? after reaching overthere if we need a doctor then what to do? i have to take medical Insurance from India or will i get from canada after reaching?

    --- Generally some people suggests not to live in Basement due to rain or some other problems, is it true?

    --- while we go to see house what should we check in house?
  5. That means if the existing landscaping is grass and you want to replace the grass with gardens, you will have to ask the landlord separately.

    Yes, you can bring in your money via dd, travel cheque, wire transfer or cash
  6. If you moving directly overseas to Alberta, you can get your healthcare immediately. It is as quickly as you get to the registry. If you want to buy insurance for a few days just in case, fine, but you can go to the registry the day you land (or next day if it's late) and sign up for healthcare. Some offices will process the application while you wait (takes about 20 minutes) and give you your healthcare number. Most doctors will see you 1-2 times with just the number before requiring the card. Not all registries have this feature (and sometimes the employee has a day off, out to lunch, etc) so you may want to call before going. Southland registry in Calgary provides this service (they offered it to me).

    This website has registries and other information you may need. Very useful: http://www.servicealberta.ca/1641.cfm

    Well, I live in a basement and we have no water issues except the time the idiots upstairs flooded my house with their kitchen sink. They got evicted. It depends on the house and where it is located. My friend had her basement flood during the storms this spring, but we got very heavy rain. If there is a flood, well, thats an act of God and no one can plan for it. If you're familiar with water damage and how to spot it, you should be okay for "normal" usage in a basement. (Floods are not "normal" in Calgary!) Also look for proper window wells with stones for drainage (not packed in with dirt or blocked). Walk around the outside of the house and check the foundation, look for cracks, especially near the windows and downspouts.

    If you aren't comfortable with a basement, then look at other options first! No savings in rent is worth living in fear. That can give you all sorts of health issues.

    My personal opinion is a basement is a great option (most of the time) to save cash for a house. I am also very frugal (cheap mostly). My husband and I dream of buying a multiple family home, renting the upstairs, and living in our own basement to maxmize our funds......... We are weird :D

    When you see a house:
    - hopefully power is on, check lights to make sure they work
    - check faucets in all sinks to see water pressure
    - open and shut all cabinet doors; doors between rooms.
    - ensure the oven door closes and seals all the way (big pain in the butt when it doesn't); make sure all burners turn on and work.
    - quality of the carpet. If they insist it's new, look in "high traffic areas" (walkway out of the master bedroom is a good one) for broken tufts. Broken tufts are a sign of worn carpet. Not necessarily bad, but definitely NOT new. Also look for any stains. Stains don't mean bad, but definitely something to note on an inspection so you aren't charged for them later.
    - all stairs have a bar or other way to hold on while walking.
    - Fridge works ;) (if power is on)
    - ask about yard maintance and who is responsible
    - where is the water meter, electrical panel, furnance, and water heater. Do you have a separate furnance and water heater or do you share with another unit?
    - how utilities are paid
    - where dryer and bathroom fan vents
    - look around the window sills for any swelling or bloating - that's a sign water got in
    - I would look inside all closets, check the corners - look for water damage or mold
    - if the house has a funny smell you cannot place, ask..... or just leave. I would run away.

    I'm a bit of the top (I'm very extreme and landlords get annoyed with me quickly)............:D

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