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CALGARY Apartments

Discussion in 'Housing' started by Gravity, May 21, 2012.

  2. dear Mr. Aquib ,

    i sent u a pm ..

    i would like to check about an accommodation in calgary, i am landing 12/09/2012

  3. I was reliably informed that rent in Calgary normally counts from the first day of the calendar month. You appear behind schedule based on the date you quoted here. If u have someone to stay with then it may not really matter or if you are buoyant enough to stay in an hotel

  4. it does start on the first of each month but you can negotiate if the place is vacant the landlord preffers tp prorate before not making any money
  5. Good to hear that.

  6. thsi is good , anyways i need a place to stay for one or two weeks untill i find good permanent accommodation .... if u can guide me i really appreciate .

    pls also advice me with the name of the best public school in NW or SW since these are the best areas in calgary ... my son is going to grade 7 .

  7. for renting places I recommend powersproperties com they specialize in new comers and they may know the name of the best school there is also the page http://alberta.compareschoolrankings.org/elementary/SchoolsByArea.aspx

    now about the best place to live in calgary is false that the NW and SW are the best
    calgary is pretty much the same the only kind of creapply place is forest lawn in the se but some people love living there

    I live in the SE in a private Lake community and if u ask me its the best place to live
  8. oh really !!! and what about transport , is it easy to go everywhere in calagary from this place , in case i get a job in SW or NW for example , is it easy to find ways of transport ?

    if u dont mind , is the site given for accommodation , they accepting booking online ?
  9. the Ideal is to live close to work if possible to avoid too much commute time
    calgary transit works great its under a schedule you can see it here http://www.calgarytransit.com/index.html
    it covers all the city

    i dont know if they do bookings online dont really think so give them a call or drop them a email
    I wouldn't rent a house online i bet you will like to see it before
  10. Hi,
    I didn't receive PM (have u landed ). Check my signature in my thread I posted few numbers of landlord.
    As busy with work and family I didn't get chance to come forum quite often with exception of one thread which link is in my signature which I try to check and reply couple of time in day using my iPhone .
  11. Hello Guys

    I am landing in Calgary in Jun 2013, with two kids (10 & 6) and wife. I am looking for your advice for any suitable options for the rent before I land. I need some good area advice, and family friendly area. I am considering two bedroom town house. Please share your experience and give your advice. My intended budget is ~$ 1,000+- 100.
  12. Calgary rental market is getting tight again so IMHO your figures are on the low side...you need to budget for around 1300+ and then include deposit and utilities on top of this.
  13. your best shot is to go to homerent . ca and search all calgary is very family friendly
    avoid forest lawn and downtown

  14. thanks
  15. Why there is mostly one bathroom in homes and appts, I can hardly see with two ....1+ for you

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