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CALGARY Apartments

Discussion in 'Housing' started by Gravity, May 21, 2012.

  1. Dear All,

    Those who are familiar with calgary houseing kindly tell which location in calgary is best for a single woman , who wants to live in SINGLE bedroom apartment - the rental of 1 room apartment ?

  2. calgary is pretty much safe everywhere it all depends if you plan to drive to take public transit if you want to be close to downtown etc
    check homerent.ca
  3. Oh yes, that's a safe place.
  4. Hi

    my husband and me are going to make our PR landing in Calgary in August. Please help us get a place and fix to move in on arrival.

    All your views and advises is very valuable.
  5. I can suggest you google calgary realtors cause I'm not a realtor I just live here
  6. Interesting topic
  7. Thank you glowingheart.

    Sorry about the typo in my earlier posting and the miscommunication.

    We have been going through various sites like rentfaster etc. and have been mailing the owners through the site. However haven't heard back from anyone. Was wondering if anyone here could guide us to site/ organisation who help newcomers find a place to move in, while the new comer has a valid visa and is looking at landing within 1-2 months.

    Please advise.
  8. most of the postings on those website are from the owners so they won't like to arrange anything by email

    I know that http://www.powerproperties.net/ specializes in new comers I rented with them a while back they have a good service

    but I recommend you to land in calgary stay at a hotel or some sort of weekly rate place while you look around
    some places look awesome on the picts but they are a different deal once you get there
    also try renting from a property manager not the owner
  9. I was just looking at your profile, and it looks to me you landed before you apply for PRV, could please clarify?

  10. Thanks the link is super helpful

    Thanks for it
  11. I live in Canada since 2008 on a work permit
    i will do Inland landing or drive to the border once I get the PR
  12. Thank you glowingheart...will keep you posted!
  13. That's copied. I figured too.

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