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CALGARY Apartments

Discussion in 'Housing' started by Gravity, May 21, 2012.

  1. I know thats something weird
    all the houses i lived in canada were 1 bath and i once lived in a condo that had 2 but wont recomend a condo if you have kids
    i bathroom you get use to it i guess
  2. Really, the need for multiple bathrooms is a Western luxury. My family of 6 in the USA always functioned with 1 bathroom, standing shower only - no bathtub.

    Why only 1 bathroom? Plumbing is expensive. Why spend $20,000 on plumbing in a second bathroom, fixtures, and waterproofing plus labor when you can lay carpet, put up regular paint, and use it as a part of the living space or strorage? There is little incentive. A second bathroom doesn't increase rent significantly.

    Basically, its about money. Landlords are going to spend as little as possible to make a apartment livable.
  3. Appreciate ur detailed reply 1+ for u plaz help me to find any good accommodation in calgary if u got any connection
  4. My landlord is due by tomorrow. If I get to talk to him, I'll ask if he has any openings.

    He thinks I'm scary for some reason, so he usually only talks to my husband! :)
  5. Thanx for ur reply I need some place where my wife can ev3n live alone if I m out of country for some time like a month or two. So the area should be family n kids friendly n safe
  6. When are you planning to land?
  7. Jun 2013 first ween
  8. So my landlord said he doesn't have anything right now for June. He only has 1 empty right now (the unit above me) and he hopes to have it rented by March 1st. I told him to let me know if anything comes up. :)
  9. If somebody knows something for me and my wife around 1st of aug, I would be very greatful :D We are looking for a condo/appt/house anything but a shared house or basement around ~1000 CAD, or is that difficult to get?
  10. If you look in the NE or upper SE, you can probably find an apartment for rent for less than $1000 CAD. Probably one bedroom, maybe two. Might not be in the nicest neighborhood.

    For a two bedroom condo, prices in decent areas usually start at $1200/month not including utilities.
  11. Thanks keep asking
  12. An apartment search resource I've used before for apartments for rent in Calgary is RentSeeker.ca's Calgary apartment rental page - they offer a user friendly interface and easy navigation of their property rental database.

    Good luck with you search.

  13. I need one bed furnished appt. for family with two kids 6 and 10, staring from Jun 7 for about three weeks. Please if any one can help us.
  14. Hi,

    Brother rentfaster.ca and Kijiji Calgary are considered as best resource to find a place in Calgary.But you know nowadays due to summer season and lot of people moving to Calgary from inside/outside of Canada ,there is huge scarcity of houses especially in nice communities.So,it will be a good idea if you start contacting owners now.

    All the best!
  15. Yes and rent prices are jumping fast. You used to be able to find a two bedroom basement suite with utilities for $700/month easy. Now it's hard to find anything under $1000! And in less than two years time. Luckily, my husband and I found something decent in an okay neighborhood and are locked in - but now the owner is selling. We can only hope the new owner will let us stay for the price we pay.... we aren't ready to buy a house yet (not until I can work).

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