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Buying Jackets for Canada

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by DeepGan, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. Do you find your boots to be waterproof? Some leather boots are waterproof, which means your only issue may be the weather, but that can easily be fixed by wearing wool socks (I wear two on each foot if it's very cold and I'm not wearing winter boots).

    Also, it depends on what you plan to do. If you will rarely walk outside other than from your home to the car or to the bus stop and from the bus stop to your work/school/mall/movies, etc. then you may be fine with those boots. I have friends (all immigrants) who do not have winter boots, just wear the same they use during fall, but with thicker socks. If you plan on walking outside regularly, practicing sports or activities in the snow, or playing with your children in the snow, you will need winter footwear because it will keep your feet dry and warm.

    Trust me, you do NOT want to have wet feet during winter. It is dangerous.
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  2. No its ok i am not against buying but initially i wont be going out much when i land thats why i will need winter wear for one week or more till i will be able to buy,so will need to bring something with me so that i dont need to go and buy as soon as i land,am trying to figure out what i will need as i dont have any previous experience with snow or v cold weather,any advice is appreciated
  3. When I first moved here I just wore my regular boots but with wool socks, but back then all the walking I would do outdoors was from my apartment building to the bus stop and then from the bus stop to work, and back.

    If you want to buy good quality winter boots, the best brands are Columbia, Sorel, Kamik, Cougar, CAT, Timberland. Merrell, and North Face. Once you are at the store, check out the boots of those brands and compare them to whatever other brands I didn't mention to see if they look similar in terms of quality and characteristics. Some boots will have a tag indicating which temperature they can withstand.
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  5. @Wolverine17 Which city or province are you going to? It varies a lot, depending on the region.
  6. Toronto
  7. Ok. Toronto is not the coldest city (Winnipeg, Regina and Saskatoon are colder), but it can get very humid during winter because it's right by Lake Ontario, so prepare for winters that will have frequent snowfall (unlike Winnipeg, Regina and Saskatoon).

    If your jacket doesn't have a hood, I suggest wearing a hoodie underneath and sticking the hood outside of the jacket so that you can cover your head. In addition, always wear a toque (also known as beanie or winter hat) and gloves. For your first few days you can survive with whatever toques and gloves you can find in your home country, and once you've been in Toronto for a couple of weeks, decide whether you need a lined toque and/or waterproof gloves, or if you're fine with what you have. When it snows and/or the environment is very humid, try to layer up as much as you can under your jacket. For example, you can wear a t-shirt, then a long-sleeve shirt on top, then your hoodie and then your jacket. Another option is a t-shirt or regular shirt, then a warm wool or cotton sweater, then the hoodie, then the jacket. Bring a scarf - any scarf - and wear it well wrapped around your neck.

    As time goes by, you will see how you feel in the weather, and can start buying things depending on your needs: perhaps some microfleece sweaters or sweatshirts to wear as an additional thin layer, or thermal underwear to wear under everything else, or simply a heavy duty winter jacket. Like I said above, you will find out if regular knitted gloves and hats will do, or if you need a thicker lined hat and/or leather or waterproof gloves or mittens. You will also see if you're fine just wearing regular jeans and pants or if you will need thermal underwear underneath. In general Toronto is not too bad, but excessively humid days can be a bit too much.
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  8. Thanks a lot bro,any suggestions for thermal underwear brands??
  9. Uniqlo
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  10. Where I've lived in the NY and DC areas in the US we usually get some winter days that go down to about - 6 C and occasionally get very cold days that go down to about -15 C, so I've already gotten myself some good winter clothes. When you get to Canada, really check for the warmth ratings and materials that winter coats and boots are made of. Most of the brands that people have mentioned like Northface, Eddie Bauer, etc. give their coats warmth ratings that tell you what temperatures they can withstand. Go for the down-filled ones rated "warmest." A drawstring on the hood that can keep the hood from blowing off your head in the wind is a plus. Pay attention to the length of the coat - a longer coat will keep you warmer. I currently have a long down coat from Land's End that covers me to the tops of my boots for the coldest winter days and a knee-length parka for when it is just around freezing or it is not practical to have such a long coat. I've had them for 7 years and 10 years and they are still in good condition. Buy a toque that is lined with fleece or another warm material, otherwise the wind can go right through it. You'll probably want a pair of winter boots, not just regular boots, for both warmth and traction on snowy/icy days.

    One thing those with young children should be aware of is that not all winter coats are safe to use with car seats. Some puffy coats are so bulky that they keep the car seat straps from fitting properly. After reading this blog post: https://carseatblog.com/24645/baby-its-cold-outside-winter-coat-suggestions-for-kids-in-carseats/ I started buying the Snozu down coats that are recommended in the article for my son. They aren't warmth rated, so I do wonder whether they will be warm enough for a winter in Nova Scotia, but I can probably put an extra fleece layer or warm sweater on him on the coldest days. He was fine playing outside in the snow in -5 C degree weather last year in his Snozu coat and some snow pants and didn't want to come back inside, so the coat was probably pretty good.
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  11. Think I would consider running shoes over leather boots if your leather boots are nice. Leather gets ruined by the salt on the road. Not sure if you boots are like work boots (fine) or fashion boots (not great and you may ruin them). Lots of versions of long underwear from Hanes to Patagonia. You may want to lookout Mark's work warehouse.
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  12. Thanks i will try to find suitable boots,one jacket,scarf,hat,gloves and underwear,anything else?

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