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BOWP - How many of you have applied and received it successfully?

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by lithium002, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Correct about the open work permit.

    Rest of the options, you absolutely must fill in these information to the best of your abilities. Duration of the employment, you can put as 1 year.
  2. Hello,

    I'm currently with a PGWP and I received my AOR on Dec 14, 2018.
    I applied for my BOWP on Dec 19.

    I was wondering how long takes to receive the BOWP.
    Also, do we receive a pass on it after passing the medicals exams?

  3. Hey guys, I got my bridging work permit approved. :)

    AOR: Nov 17
    BOWP AOR : Nov 18
    MEP : Dec 19

    BOWP approved : Feb 07
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  4. I received mine last week after 85 days... right before my PPR
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  5. Hi,

    Can we work for any employer after receiving BOWP? My employer has a closed work permit for me and I can work only with that employer.
    Also, my contract job with the employer is short term (Less than 4 months). Can I still apply for BOWP. Please help. Thanks
  6. Hi Guys,
    My Temporary Residence Visa has expired. Do I need a valid TRV to apply for my BOWP?
  7. Hi Guys,

    Idk why some people I met keep telling me that I should have added an explanation letter says I’m applying Bowp and why..etc. I don’t get it why it’s necessary. I only scanned and uploaded my Pnp and Aor. I also selected “open work permit” on imm form.

    I really wonder what do u guys think?

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  8. For employment history, if i am still working my job , what should i write in "TO"?

    I can't put a word present...should i put this month?
  9. Hi can somebody help me please. I’m an inland CEC applicant Aor September 2018. My WP will be expiring this August. So I have to apply for my BOWP. My application status shows my eligibility is review required and background shows we are processing your background. On gcms it shows eligibility review required, criminally in progress and security not started. My question is that is there a chance for BOWP refusal because my eligibility is still under review. I leaned somewhere that you need to have a positive eligibility assessment in order to apply for WP. My R10 is OK on gcms. Someone please give me a advice :(:(. Thank you
  10. Doesn't matter if your eligibility is under review.. only R10 OK is needed for BOWP..
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  11. It’s releaving thanks for the reply

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