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Birth Certificate for PR - CEC category

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by braveman, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. I have to submit a copy of my birth certificate for the PR application. I am from India and in general birth certificates were not issued commonly on those days. Please let me know how to tackle this...friends please suggest me some solution to justify this situation.

    I got Certificate of Date of Birth from CGI, Toronto, whether this will serve the purpose?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Experts....pls reply
  3. Hi Braveman,

    I too am from India and I do not have a birth certificate. So, I have submitted the Certificate of date of birth from the Consulate general of India and it seems they have accepted my application as I have received an AOR on 16th April, 2012. But, am not sure as few applicants are reporting that their applictions are being returned as incomplete. I suppose it depends on the Visa officer dealing with the case.

    You have another option to obtain an Affidavit from India from you parents stating your date of birth.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck with your application!!
  4. hi torap
    thanks for ur detailed reply.
    I am planning to attach a letter stating that at India in general birth certificates were not issued commonly before 25 years and Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) were accepted as proof of DOB and therefore I got Certificate of Date of Birth from CGI, Toronto for the same.

    Also planning to attach SSLC, HSC, Driving license, passport copies as supporting docs for the same.

    Hope this will justify to some extend

    Any corrections?
  5. Hey Braveman

    I am not sure if this will help, but here goes......i too do not have a birth certificate, so I went to MCD ( i was born in Delhi) and have asked them to issue me a certificate based on the affadavit that my father has issued and a birth certificate from my hospital (the hospital was able to trace my records).

    Maybe you can try this route. You will be able to google your municipality webpage and get information from there. Give it a shot. I havent yet recvd my birth certificate but at least we have options available.
  6. ok...I will try this.
    I called up the helpline this mning and they insisted me to attach a letter explaining the birth certificate issue.
    Because finally it all depends upon the individual VO who is processing our appln.
  7. hi hopefulagain, did you get your BC from delhi municipality? I am in the same boat. I lost my BC few years ago and I am born in Delhi. Could you guide me how your proceeded and did you finally receive your BC from Delhi.

    @Braveman: what did you finally do? did you get your BC from India or you submitted only with Certificate of Birth from CGI, toronto?

    Awaitineg your response.

    thank you

  8. Yup gg08....a thoroughbred delhi boy, thats me :D..... so my dad who is back home, actually submitted an application on my behalf. he had gotten a certificate of birth from the hospital i was born in and submitted that along with an application form to MCD delhi. MCD then issued me a birth certificate.

    It had been issued 4 days ago (it took 4 weeks from the date dad submitted the application) but they had misspelt my parents name in the certificate and my dad resubmitted it to them to make the spelling corrections (as per how their names are spelt in my passport). For that dad had to submit an affadavit and a copy of my passport plus his and mom's passport. luckily for me, the registrar also included my name in the birth certificate....you know how in those days (i was born in 1980) they used to write "boy" on the hospital certificates instead of names.

    If you have time, i would recommend you go for the birth certificate.....you never know when you may need it again
  9. Hi Braveman,

    Here is my suggestion on your Birth Certificate.

    1. You can submit a letter from Counsulate General of India, which they consider
    2. You can submit a secondary school certificate copy.. as an additional proof
    3. You can go to any new lawyer here ( in Canada) and make an affidavit infront of them. They will consider this as a valid birth certificate. The lawyers will charge you around $30 and make an affidavit for you.

    I suggest to provide S#2 and 3.

    I have experienced the same earlier and I sent an affidavit ( CIC recommended me to provide an affidavit). They consider the affidavit as my DOB proof.
  10. Sorry for the typo...

    I meant, go to any Lawyer and ask them to provide an affidavit for your DOB certificate.
    (I mentioned earlier as NEW LAWYER)
  11. Hi cecapp369,

    I am a few months away from applying for PR under CEC. My wife does not have a Birth Certificate. I read in your post that a laywer here in Canada can provide an affidavit for Birth Certificate and along with the 10th standard marks card is accepted as proof of birth by CIC for CEC category. Can you please help me out and give me details of the lawyer that you approached and the detailed procedure for the same?
  12. I saw this post and since I have been through this problem, hence thought of replying to this.

    For birth certificate, I did not have my original document as it was not available at that time. I provided my 10th Standard passing certificate and a certificate of date of birth from Consulate General of India (CGI). I submitted similar documents for my wife. However, my documents were returned back. The reason:
    1) My 10th Standard passing certificate did not have either of my parent's name (even though it had my name and my DOB)
    2) The certificate from CGI is based upon passport. CIC did not accept this letter.

    In my wife's case, her 10th standard passing certificate had her dad's name in addition to her name and DOB, so her proof was not a problem.

    Now, I have seen on many forums that the certificate from CGI gets accepted. You may try your luck with CGI, but I would not recommend taking a chance. It is easier to get an affidavit done from a lawyer here. I got mine done in India within 2 days and got the document here within a week through express courier. CIC has accepted my documents now (atleast the credit card has got charged).

    Hope this post helps !!! All the Best !!!
  13. Hi tdcec,

    Thanks for your post. It really helps. Can you please provide me the format of the affidavit?

  14. This is what I provided:

    I here by certify that (NAME), son/daughter of (FATHER'S NAME) (Father) and (MOTHER'S NAME) (Mother), was born on (DATE OF BIRTH) in (PLACE OF BIRTH)
    I hereby affirm and declare that the above information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

    Signed By

  15. hi tdec, if I get an affidavit for DOB done from a lawyer within Canada, does it really require my parent's signature?

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