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Bilingual application - 13 months and waiting

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Bram82, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. Good. I wish you luck. Sometimes an inquiry from an MP causes IRCC to look at the file again.
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  2. Just sent the mail now. You have been very helpful!
  3. I would say this is perfectly fine.
    Why are you worried. It states that the case process agent has made your eligiblity MET that means he/she just wants the Immigration officer yo review your work exp documents before he makes your eligiblity pass.
    Your criminality is not passed because they want to review your PCC from Belgian .
  4. I am not worried of not getting the PR. It simply should not take an additional 12 months to review one police certificate
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  5. Hi k.h.p., as a quick follow-up, I have visited the MP's office today and they will send a request to IRCC. Fingers crossed something informative will come out of it. Thanks again!
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  6. I promise this is my last message. This is the response from the MP's office:
    "Hope you are well. After following up with IRCC, this is the information they provided:
    -criminality passed on June 12th, 2019
    -application awaiting review by an officer
    -backgrounds are done, eligibility is passed, medicals are expired and haven't asked to be redone yet (may not be asked either)
    -July 12th, 2019 is the bring forward date = to bring to the attention to the officer that is in charge of the file - officer then sees if there are any updates and to do them so it can move forward - 30 days after this it will be actioned -then put it in final review stage"

    1. The fact criminality passed within a week after contacting the MP is most likely not a coincidence.
    2. It looks like the best-case scenario still puts the final decision in September. All in all, I'm happy there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel but still bitter about how everything kept dragging along.

  7. That's some movement. I am in my 11th month now. File not touched since September 2018. Have criminality and security due date as August 13th, 2019. My MP has been involved for 3 months now but no movement. Do you think you are in security screening even though your security said "not started"
  8. Did you visit the MP's office and fill out a standard form? If yes, I would contact them again and point out you are now in month 11, approaching one year. Unfortunately, about those deadlines in the GCMS notes, my experience is that they don't really follow up on those. "Accountability" is my go-to word when addressing the situation with the MP and directly with the IRCC. Remain polite with the MP's office, not necessarily with IRCC.

    I have read that if your criminality is "in progress" (as in my GCMS notes), the security part will typically state "not started" regardless of the actual progress for security. In addition to the IRCC GCMS notes, I inquired with the CSIS (Canadian intelligence services) whether they have an ongoing file on me (request is approaching the 30-day deadline so I am expecting a response soon). Website: https://www.canada.ca/en/treasury-board-secretariat/services/access-information-privacy/access-information/request-information.html Follow the links and select CSIS as the institution...

  9. Thank you for your response. I do follow up with the MP every month. Yes I went in and filled the consent form. They were told to call back 1st week of July. I will order the CSIS note as you suggested. Thank you
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  10. I ordered CSIS and after 9 days I received a letter that they don't have any information on me. I ordered gcms notes and after a week I got a letter that my application is under review and required additional verification. I am just waiting. One year and counting.Any luck with you?
  11. Actually, I got the invitation to send the copy of my passport on July 11th, exactly on the 15-month mark, which I understand is essentially the approval of the PR. This was different from the info I got from the MP who seemed to suggest that it would easily take another 3 months.

    In the meantime, I also got the reply from CSIS who said they had no file on me, which I believe means the responsibility is entirely with IRCC. It might help to let IRCC know that the delay is not caused by CSIS and that you know now it's all on them.

    From what I understand, you should still receive the actual notes, right? It should be more than a simple letter and hopefully, it will give you some insights.

    It's probably nothing but I actually sent them a tweet, asking that, "surely, they must have a policy to discipline or at least correct employees that cause unnecessary delays if the delay is entirely caused by the employee and not some external cause or complicated application?". Never got an answer but with careful insistent questions, you might try to put some pressure via their Twitter account.
  12. Congratulations on you PR. I will just wait it out.

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