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Bachelor of Law (LLB) ECA

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by axe0911, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    I have been trying to assess from where should I get by ECA done, for 3 years Bachelor of Law (LLB) from India.

    Does WES give the correct assessment ? Or should I go for IQAS?
  2. From which university did you complete your LLB?
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  3. University of Delhi
  4. Thank you Mr. Preet, but the evaluation of this link shows it is equivalent to "Bachelor's degree (4 years)". However it is a Professional degree to practice a licensed profession.

    What should I do ?
  5. Yes it also has Bachelor of Law as a Professional degree needed to practice in a licensed profession.

    So you mean I should get the ECA done from WES and it would show it as a Bachelor's degree (and not a professional one). While applying at CIC I should choose Professional degree needed to practice in a licensed profession ?
  6. That is correct
  7. Have you tried it with this method? Or know anyone who has?

    I don't want to take a risk with it. From what I have read people are saying that IQAS writes "First professional university degree" (which is actually correct).
  8. I have a friend who got evaluated this as First professional university degree. He sent to WES. If you want to confirm, PM me your whatsapp number, and i will add you in our group. You can talk to him.
  9. We had the same case. You should go with IQAS. WES probably will give you bachelor degree not first professional university degree. We managed to get the correct ECA from IQAS (for law degree). It takes some time (IQAS) but you will get a positive result.
  10. Sure, I have PMed you. Thank you !

    Great, Thank you Feritto.
  11. I have a positive from WES on LLB as Professional Degree
  12. Hi Preetsingh, i am interested to join the whatsapp group. My number is +23481813136329. Need more clarification on WES evaluation of LLB.

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