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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. Good luck August applicants!
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  2. Oh, you do continue doing that :D just curious when you will give up :D

    Thanks! (speaking for August applicants)
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  4. I’m on and off now. Nowhere near as active but still keep up with chat on the discord. :p
  5. Hi anybody here with resubmission of application from May 27 to August 1
  6. Hello,

    Thanks for the thread. We sent my application via FedEx and it showed that CPC Sydney received it on Aug 3rd, 2019. Our case is Canadian citizen husband sponsoring Vietnamese wife with no dependents outland. As I understand from what I read, the first e-mail will be sent to the sponsor saying that CIC has our application and starts processing, then 1.5-2 months later, I (the principal applicant) will receive the AOR.

    I have a small question. I re-validated the form IMM 1344 then attached the page with signature to the newly printed form. But now I just know that the numbers in the right corner of the form change every time you re-validate. Now my IMM 1344 has 2 different sets of numbers. Is that going to affect my application? Do we have to resend the whole app? :(

    Thanks in advance!

    1. App received: Aug 3rd, 2019.
  7. Hi chevykim,
    Thanks for pointing the number change after re-validate, I had instant anxiousness as soon as I read that as I did the same thing. Our application was just received today via FedEX signature (Will post timeline shortly).

    What I noticed was that the PDF documents with validation each generate a barcode page. What my understanding at the time was that as long as I replace the pages with information that would directly impact the barcode; we would be okay.
    The pages I did not replace were pages with signatures, because my wife and I were not able to meet between changes to re-sign the documents. Since the pages with physical signatures do not impact the barcodes, I believe that is okay, even if the bottom right number does not match, if pages do not correlate to bar codes, then that is when concerns from CIC may be brought up.

    Hope this helped!
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  8. Hi everyone, just confirmed delivery of our application to Sydney, Nova Scotia!
    Bellow is our timeline so far, including all information that has impacted the main application (i.e: Marriage certificate, police clearance). I've also included costs in CAD for any of those curious to budgeting or tracking expenses related to the sponsorship, I thought this would be helpful as I really didn't see any direct costs during my time of research on this forum.

    Wish us luck! And good luck to everyone else!
    The Google sheets tracking spreadsheet is amazing, I just logged ours: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Gm315tmNKWoywb7PwZBiE67fUmznYQrNhYVWXPXXJBw/edit#gid=2124350621

    Canadian sponsoring American spouse (No Dependents)

    Visa Office: Sydney, Nova Scotia

    Main Application = $1,150.30CAD
    • Married - 06/27/2019
    • Paid Application Fee - 07/04/2019 ($1125CAD Fee, PR, Biometrics)
    • Complete Application (Outland) and Reviewed - 07/31/2019
    • Shipped Application via FedEX 4 biz days - 07/31/2019 ($25.30CAD 12"x16"x2" @ 3lbs with tracking & signature)
    • FedEX Package Delivery Confirmation by Signature - 08/06/2019

    Marriage Certificate = $22CAD
    • Purchased Ontario Marriage Certificate Long Form - 07/04/2019 ($22CAD)
    • Faxed and wrote letter of urgency to Deputy Registrar General for Marriage Certificate (or else 16 to 20 week wait) - 07/04/2019
    • Fax Received Confirmation Thunder Bay, ON - 07/04/2019
    • Marriage Certificate Processed & Shipped- 07/23/2019
    • Marriage Certificate Long Form Received in Mail - 07/30/2019

    FBI Police Clearance Report = $60.26CAD
    • Fingerprints Taken (FD-258) Police Department - 07/05/2019 (Free, Officer working during Independence Day)
    • FBI Online Application - 07/08/2019 ($18USD)
    • Fingerprints Mailed via 3-Day USPS to FBI Clarksburg, WV - 07/09/2019 ($7.70USD)
    • Application Rejected due to Low Quality Fingerprints - 07/15/2019
      • Ensure to cover & protect fingerprints when sending via mail from smudging or smearing
    • Open New FBI Online Application - 07/16/2019 ($18USD)
    • Fingerprints Re-Taken at different Police Department - 07/16/2019 ($15USD+$2.99USD Service fee)
    • Fingerprints Mailed via 3-Day FedEX to FBI Clarksburg, WV - 07/16/2019 ($8.65USD)
    • FBI Police Clearance Report received online - 07/18/2019
    Inpatriate to Canada Allianz Global (Abetov) Insurance = $1,128CAD
    Thread regarding insurance for Pre-Existing Condition Like Pregnancy: https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/insurance-for-pre-existing-condition-like-pregnancy.27676/page-2#post-7340782
    Expected Pregnancy due date needs to be 10 months after coverage begins, also includes $100,000 worth of other coverage (Emergency Hospital, Emergency Medical, Emergency Dental, Maternity, Physical and Eye Exam, etc)
    • Online Website Application - 07/02/2019
    • Phone call with Agent - 07/04/2019
    • Purchased 12-Month Insurance with Agent over phone - 07/04/2019 ($1128CAD)

    CAD Cost = $2300.30CAD
    USD Cost = $44.64USD x 1.35rate = $60.26CAD (Very conservative rate + bank up-charge)
    Total Cost = $2,360.56CAD
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  9. Hello all,

    Application received in Sydney Aug 6th. Canadian Citizen sponsoring my Filipino wife and 1 dependant, we are both living in the Philippines. Wishing speedy processing to all of us!!

  10. Hi Guys!:)
    Sponsor: PR
    PA: Filipino Citizen currently in Abu Dhabi U.A.E
    Application Recieved: August 6, 2019
    Good luck to us!:) Btw I'm the PA
  11. Hey August applicants! I'm hoping to join you by sending my application today or tomorrow but I just had a quick question! What version of IMM5604E Additional Family Information did you all use? I downloaded and filled mine out in June 2019, when it was updated, and just checked now and saw that sometime between June and now (?) it's reverted back to the old 2018 version. We're literally about to send everything tomorrow, and now we're not sure what form to use.

    Just wanted to see if this form was updated recently and everyone is using the old September 2018 version or if this might be one of the many glitches on the IRCC website posting old forms when there should be new ones. I'm inclined to use the June 2019 one, but if this reversal back to the old version has been in use a few weeks, I'll send the old one. Thanks for any help!

  12. We used the Sept '18 one, must not have been the new one. Did you look for differences on them? Apparently they aren't too strict unless there are major changes and give leeway for a period after the new one comes out. Read that on another thread on here.
  13. They're nearly identical except the June 2019 version has a place for "parent" alongside mother and father in section A, whereas the old one doesn't. Can I ask when you downloaded and filled out the form and when you sent it off? It seems like the change back to the old one must have been in place for a few weeks now. I originally downloaded the June 2019 form in early June, so sometime literally in the last two months, they swapped it.
  14. We originally did all the paperwork early in the new year then ran into problems and had to delay submitting it. Redid it all late July with what we tho't was all the new forms. Don't know why we didn't see that one. IMO the change of it adding Parent as an option is if there a same sex couple, one of who would check parent as opposed to Mother or Father? If that is the only change I can't see a problem using the old one. Sent it first week of Aug, they received it Aug 6.

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