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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Synoptic, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. I have read thigh this site, and came to conclusion that if all is fine it takes 1-2 months for decision made after prearrival and additional doc request... so hope soon u hear something!:)
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  2. Thanks for sending these positive vibes our way : ) Hope you are right my friend!
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  3. Indeed, I think at the moment it's about 3-4 months till you get a first reply even. Good luck!
  4. And Today I received the "LOVE" letter. August 24, 2018 applicant. So got it 2 days before the 12 months mark.
    Now I have a confusion, letter says that if you are living in Pakistan, submit the letter in Pakistan, if you are in Canada, submit it in Canada.
    I am living in United states right now. How to proceed? Any body in the same boat?
  5. Congrats! I hope so much that I will follow soon... still darkness for me.
  6. Congratulations buddy,

    On receiving this email I just have a question if you don’t mind can you please share with me the passport validity requirement as per this letter since my passport will end in June 2020 and I heard that you should have a 12 months validity so can you please confirm.
  7. The letter just says that passport should be valid and not worn, torn or damaged, No loose pages. and atleast 2 blank pages for Visa Stamp.
    It does not give any time line. My understanding is that it should be valid for atleast 6 months. But I am not sure.

  8. Passport should be in proper condition should have atlest have some pages left for visa and it's should have validity upto 6 months.
  9. Sent off ppr last Monday, still hear nothing back.. any ideas on the timeline from London?
  10. FINALLY received pre arrivals letter! There is mixed pinions on what this actually means and also how long between receiving pre arrivals and getting DM. Can anyone offer some clarity on either of these points? Much appreciated.
  11. That's a good sign buddy. Hope things will move along nicely... I'm still waiting for the DM.
  12. Does anyone know after I receive the passport request letter, how much time time do I have to send them my passport, I’m planning to go on a vacation in 2 weeks but I’m scared i get the passport request while I’m away... thank you in advance
  13. 30 days
  14. Cheers bud. ECAS is also showing decision made, not too sure what to make of that but hopefully positive.
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  15. [QUOTE = "Bahon, post: 8130110, member: 760197"] ¿Alguien sabe después de recibir la carta de solicitud de pasaporte, cuánto tiempo tengo para enviarles mi pasaporte? Estoy planeando irme de vacaciones en 2 semanas pero tengo miedo recibo la solicitud de pasaporte mientras estoy fuera ... gracias de antemano [/ CITA]
    15 days

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