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August 2013 Applications

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by praveenkumarsr, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. there sho I led be a visa included ??

    There should be a one entry visa in your passport for landing purpose.
  2. Landed just now in Houlton–Woodstock Border Crossing.

    First went to US side and get a notes of being refused, and reentered Canada for landing.

    The officer took our permits away and gave us the copy of Permanent Residency.
    He said the permanent residency card may be available in 4-6 weeks.
    Everything goes smoothly.

    Thanks to all who help in this forum!
    and best wishes for those still waiting.
  3. Congraulations....Happy for you..

  4. Thank you kantesai !

  5. Congrats!! :)
  6. thanks!
  7. If you just received your CoPR in the mail and were not asked for your passport, you do not need a visa.

    What country is your passport? Certain citizens are visa-exempt.
  8. Correct, check if you require a visa using this tool:

    >> http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/visas.asp

  9. Helllo, how long did it take to receive passport back?
  10. Hello All,

    My ecas status is Decision made from the last 1 month. I sent CIC an email to inquire about this decision and they replied me as below:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Our office confirms that your application has been approved. A ready for visa letter has been sent to you regarding this decision and the last steps you need to take to finalize the application.

    Please ensure when submitting documents that they are still valid and will not expire within 6 months as this could delay your application.

    We appreciate your patience and keeping correspondence with our office to a minimum. In order to process request efficiently, we will not be responding to duplicate requests.

    However, I never received ready for visa letter. I have checked all my emails, mail box at my house and also with my previous landlord. I replied CIC on the same email to request them to resend me ready for visa letter. But havent received any response yet.

    What should I do? Is there any time limit to send your passport after receiving ready for visa letter? and what if CIC dont reply to my email?

    I look forward to some valuable advise.
  11. Please help

  12. ^I sent this reply to a similar case (unless it was also you):

    If you're a risk taker, why not send your passport with the CIC email confirming that you were approved, plus a short cover letter explaining that you requested and/or did not get the actual Ready for Visa email?
    Your details are on their system anyway and they can easily verify if you are queued for visa counterfoil stamping.

    Worse case is they return your passport and tell you to wait for the email. Mention in your letter that if they can't stamp the visa, then you are making a formal request to have the email re-sent.
  13. Hi , Check your spam mails folder. Also, I suggest you send your passport following below instructions which are send in "Ready to Visa mail"

    The processing of your application for permanent residence in Canada is almost complete. The following is required to complete your application.

    STEP 1: STATUS CHANGE (If none of these conditions applies to you, you may proceed to STEP 2)
    Has your family composition changed since our last correspondence?
    · Have you married or divorced?
    · Have you given birth or adopted a child?
    · Do you intend to get married or divorced prior to becoming a permanent resident?
    · Do you intend to give birth or adopt a child prior to becoming a permanent resident?
    · Have you changed your contact information: e-mail address/mailing address/telephone number?

    If any of these conditions apply, you must inform CPC-O immediately:
    CPC-CTD-Ottawa @ cic.gc.ca

    You will be asked to submit evidence such as a copy of the marriage, divorce, birth or adoption certificate or a letter advising when and where the marriage, divorce, birth or adoption is expected to take place. Any new spouse and/or children must be added to your application and be found admissible to Canada before your case is finalized. Failure to declare additional dependants such as a spouse or children before you become a permanent resident could result in the cancellation of your permanent resident visa. Once your file is closed, you would be required to submit a new application and pay new processing fees. Any new application would be assessed under the Act and Regulations in force at the time of its submission.


    We require a VALID passport for you and for each accompanying family member. Passports for you and all accompanying family members must be submitted together. There must be at least one blank visa page in each passport. If there are children included in your passport there must be blank visa pages for them as well.
    Please note that permanent resident visas cannot be issued to holders of Diplomatic, Official or Military passports. You must obtain an ordinary passport.

    If you or any of your family members are residing outside North America and you are unable to send your/their passport(s) to Canada and/or to provide a return mailing address in North America, contact us at CPC-CTD-Ottawa @ cic.gc.ca so that we can make arrangements to print visas at another office.

    STEP 3: SUBMITTING DOCUMENTS If you and your dependants reside in Canada
    How to Send your Documents to the Case Processing Pilot – Ottawa (CPC-O)
    Please note that CPC-Ottawa does not send out passports outside of North America.

    Submit all documents by MAIL in a single package. Quote your application number on your correspondence and send the package to one of the following addresses:

    Canada Post:
    CPC – Ottawa
    PO Box 9780
    Ottawa ON K1G 4B9

    CPC – Ottawa
    365 Laurier Avenue West
    Ottawa ON K1A 1L1

    If you have a mailing address in Canada: To allow you to track your passports through the mail, we strongly recommend that you purchase two (2) PREPAID Canada Post Xpresspost envelopes (National), letter-sized (318 x 241 mm), at any Canada Post retail outlet. CPC-Ottawa accepts no responsibility for any passport lost in the mail.

    - Complete the mailing label on one envelope showing your mailing address in the “Deliver To” field.
    - Keep a tracking number sticker from each envelope.
    - Fold and enclose the self-addressed envelope in the other envelope along with your passport(s) and a copy of this request letter.

    If you have a mailing address in the United States: To allow you to track your passports through the mail, we strongly recommend that you purchase a pre-paid shipping label from Canada Post and include it with your passports and a copy of this letter. Follow the link to purchase your shipping label:

    If you do not submit a return prepaid Xpresspost envelope or a pre-paid Canada Post shipping label, or if you provide an envelope from any other courier, we will return your passport by regular mail.

    The requested information/documents must be received in our office within 60 days from the date of this letter. Failure to do so could result in the refusal of your application.
  14. 8-12-2013 files sent
    10-18-2013 AOR
    3-21-2014 Medical requested
    4-27-Medical report done
    4-30-2014 Passport requested
    4-31-2014 sent out
    5-5-2014 Visa issued
    5-9-2014 received passport back
    5-17-2014 landed
  15. Thanks MenicMonday and Seva18. Will wait for CIC response for 2-3 days and if they dont respond will send my passport alongwith a cover letter.

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