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August 2013 Applications

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by praveenkumarsr, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. Thanks for your reply Cooper_H. Mine status on ecas is exactly same as yours but I havent received PPR. Its been 10 days I am seeing this update on my ecas.
  2. this is normal alot of people are waiting. cic has slowed down a lot probably because they have a big back log now.sometimes ecas will not change. people have landed and all it says is in process
  3. Just received my PPR :D
  4. Congrats :)
  5. How long is the COPR ... visa period?
  6. Should be 1 year since your Medicals :)
  7. got the PPR.

    Had my medicals on 3rd April

    thanks to everyone in this forum
  8. Did anyone get their return tracker for passport activated this week? If yes, when did CPC-O receive your passport?

  9. Congrats!! :)
  10. You mean you already got Decision made?
  11. congratulations!
  12. congratulations!
  13. Yes its showing Decision made..... I am really worried

  14. I got the reply from CIC in 3 days permitting to get the visa stamping in New Delhi, India. It is super fast :)
  15. During landing, Do i need to carry photo for PR Card?

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