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Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program-Sharing Timeline here please

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Mm29, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. Hi
    I also applied for endorsement , can you please tell me for what job title did you applied for endorsement and is there any minimum salary requirement employer have to offer?
  2. I applied for TWP 2 month after I applied for PR. It took exactly 6 weeks for approval and another 3 weeks to receive it. No biometrics, as I applied from Canada. 1 month later, I found out that my PR was approved. I paid RPRF with initial application.
    Interestingly, I was never able to check the status of neither on the online tool, it never finds me, no reasonable explanation was ever given to me by the immigration either online or on the phone... Not a big deal, since you can call them and find out the details.
  3. hi everyone, I can't find much information about AIPP program and thought to ask under this forum.

    Can someone please confirm if one can move out of AIPP province after PR or a few months of stay ?
    If yes, how long one has to stay (months/years) at minimum ?
    Do we need to get approval or NOC from provincial government of Atlantic or employer ?

    Thanks for your replies :)
  4. AIPP is for atlantic growth strategy. Once you are PR then you can move to any province and i know many people who moved within a week of getting a COPR. But the thing is IRCC still don’t know about the ‘misrepresentation’ of the people doing this. In several PR programs their are conditions written on COPR document. But people who are getting COPR via AIPP there are no restrictions written. In short morally it is not allowed but technically you may move to any province after PR card.
  5. When you apply, you sign a form saying that you will establish yourself in that province. What that means, see for yourself. No terms mentioned. My guess, at the minimum it would be: leasing or buying a place, getting driver license, register your car there, working ...
  6. Did you got reply on your query, I am in the same queue to get this answer. Thanks
  7. Any update on your WP? Which VO is processing your WP application. It's my 15 week into waiting for an update on my WP
  8. hi ,
    job title is nurse aid.
    no there minimum salary required.
  9. Hi, I applied TWP from Canada, can you tell me how long it took for you to get TWP as u applied from Canada same as my case. is that 1 month ? i am seeing processing time as 4 months if we apply from paper.
  10. No, it was a lot faster. About 9 weeks altogether, I had it in my hands. When I called in to check the status once, they told me 3-4 months, but it was 2 months and few days. Currently it says 7 weeks if I'm not mistaken. I was kind of lucky with return times, for example, when I applied for a visitor record, I got it in 30 days flat, although the online tool said 60 days. To my experience, delays happen when you miss something on the app or don't include something with it.
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  11. can you tell for which province you applied because based on region as well it may vary. did you apply by paper ?
  12. Since you applied from Canada, have you given bio-metrics or medical test ? sorry to bother you since u applied from canada, i was looking for all these info..
  13. I applied with a paper application, yes, my work was in New Brunswick.
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  14. Since you applied from Canada, have you given bio-metrics or medical test ? sorry to bother you since u applied from canada, i was looking for all these info..
  15. Yes, I had to pass medicals, but not biometrics, since I applied in 2018 and at that time my part of the world wasn't called for biometrics yet.
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