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Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program-Sharing Timeline here please

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Mm29, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. Received AOR on May 14th, 2019
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  2. Hello all, i an new on this thread. can anyone fill me in on how to apply for WP and or PR under AIPP?????
    Is there a whats app group?
  3. hello, i am new.

    Please could you share details on how to get a designated employer or secure employment in order to benefit a PR or WP under AIPP????


  4. Did you get your medical? Aigp, Aisp or Aihp?
  5. Hello, any update with your pr?
  6. Help needed please!
    When raising a web form for AIPP PR, which option should I select? Provincial Nominee (applied by mail) or Canadian Experience Class (applied by mail)? I'm an outland applicant
  7. thanks for responding.

    was it by mail or email?

    I still havent received an AOR to date and my application was signed for on April 4th,2019.
  8. Raise a web form to inquire about the current status of your application. However, it can take up to 2 months to receive an AOR.
  9. Hi
    We received the letter (event scheduled) last Friday. Our application passed the 6 month processing time, so I sent an web-form inquiry and after two days the letter showed up in the profile.
    We went to the Halifax office on Monday. Everything went smoothly and we received the COPR letters there. PR cards should be received in 60 days. So excited now !
    Yours will come as well. It's just the matter of time and I know how hard it is to wait !
    Just stay positive guys :) Good luck to everyone !
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  10. Wow congratulations, that’s a huge relief.am so happy for you , can you please share the experience when you went to Halifax to sign? What really happens ? I received a call last week from an officer working on my application and she wanted some information before this Friday . Hopefully the wait is not too long .
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  11. Email

  12. AIGP, Just did medical yesterday and hopefully it will pass

  13. Which province are you in? Different province will have a little bit difference in designation
  14. Hi Everyone,

    I have submitted PR application on Feb 26th,2019.Sydney office.

    Still I did not get any update on the application,Not even AOR received.

    Anybody on same or after time lines got received AOR for NS.

  15. Thanks.
    Met with an agent there, a super nice lady. She asked a few questions, like have you ever committed any crime in any country? Ever been rejected to enter or forced to leave Canada? Do you have any dependents that you have not declared in your application?
    And then she explained what does it mean to be permanent resident of Canada, what benefits we can get and rules that should be followed to keep the PR (3 years of 5 years to reside inside the county). Then we signed and DONE :)

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