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April 2019 TRV Timeline!

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by sarathdna, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. Hi,
    I submitted online application for my wife's tourist visa on april 6th 2019 from India.
    7th April got the biometrics request form
    8th April Completed biometrics.
    9th April biometrics got updated online but no email came.

    Now by what time will the Review of eligibility starts?
    She has applied for May 3rd travel plan.

    When we checked online the processing time shows as 13 days from India.
  2. Applied for Family Visa on Apr 14 2019 from Canada

    Got confirmation of submission this morning, waiting for a positive response.

    Are applications processed faster if submitted through Canada...

    Good luck to everyone

  3. Review of eligibility starts after 1 week generally.... but depends in each case
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  4. Hi folks,
    I applied for my parents TRV on 8th April, 2019. The application was paper based. After the submission of the application I linked it with the CIC account after two days.
    The current processing time shows 24 days from Pakistan. The TRV applications are processed in Abu Dhabi VO now a days.

    My father is a businessman and my mother is a retired government teacher. I have got the tickets pre booked with the duration of the stay for 15 days.
    My mother's sister issued them an invitation letter.

    What is the probability of the success?

  5. Shouldnt be a problem, but depends on many factors like :

    Their travel history
    Ties to country
    Financial stability
    Business letters provided or not
  6. - 3 letters were provided by the companies which are importers of auto spare parts recognizing our old relationship with them and the business done with them
  7. You are in a good place then

    All the best!
  8. 15 April - Review of eligibility started
  9. Hi folks,

    How much time it takes to get Acknowledgement letter if applied on paper?. The trv application is being processed in Abu Dhabi VO.
    The bio metrics are updated in CIC account but there is no email regarding the validity of the biometrics.

  10. Just Got passport with Visa stamp. It took just 8 Days for entire process. Bravo NDVO team. Thank God. wish Good luck to all the members
  11. I submitted biometric 27 Mar. Got the letter on the validity yesterday.
  12. hi ..submitted a visitor visa to Canada for my parents from India through an agency. They applied online on 5th April 2019 and paid biometrics fees while submitting the application but they have not yet received the biometrics information letter, how much time will it take to receive the biometrics information letter.its already been 12 days. should we contact CIC.?Could anyone please give information if you know.
  13. From where are you applied? Congrats
  14. If you pay biometrics in advance you get request in 24 hours. Ask your agent again, has he paid fees? Also, whose email ID is on application? Can you access their online accounts?
  15. Applied in behalf of my parents..

    April 8 - confirmation of submission
    April 10 - biometrics letter for dad
    April 11 - biometrics letter for mom
    April 17 - biometrics done

    Their cic account is updated with biometrics validity.. are they going to get another email or message in their account about their biometrics?

    now waiting for whatever is next..

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