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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. 8002422100
  2. PA country : India
    App rev date: 3 April
    AOR : 10th May
    BR : 27th May
    SA : 25th May
    MR : 27th May
    FT to Mississauga: 05st June
    Medical passed: 13th June
    Decision made (PA)-not yet
    Anyone with same timeline ,
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  3. I haven’t hear from them too, when I called I was told that my application has been received but still working on, so AOR should drop soon
  4. Hi,I want to ask if there will be a response email after sending in my receipts for biometrics to c.i.c to enable me know whether it being received.
  5. Same for me my application was received on the 29th and I am kind of glad that I am not alone... I've call yesterday they told me to be patient
  6. Guys how can I know if my documents were transferred to VO or no.
    On Ecas above ( Sponsorship Application Status) Its written decision made.
    Or should I receive a special letter?
  7. i am stressed to man but i got aor and after that nothing i dont know whats going on running out of paitence:-(
  8. U will get an email
  9. thanks
  10. Will you receive email notice when SA get approved?

  11. That number is to win a Caribbean cruise...o_O
  12. Oh wow, you too? Also glad to not be alone a
    I am worried the lost mine.

    What phone number did you call?? The number the guy above gave me was to win a Caribbean cruise...lol
  13. Yes )))
  14. thank you

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