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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. I was approved for Humanitarian and Compassionate case last April 1, 2019 . They told me that they will send me at letter after 30 days I received that letter but until now I haven't received maybe they don't need extra documents . My question is there anybody know what's gonna happened next
  2. How can you see the case on ecas?
  3. I just got my UCI number and application number. Did you use the updated checklist or the old check list? Did you fill the new form or just sent the old package??
  4. Hello can I anyone tell me how long it takes for them to send me the file number. I posted my application for my spouse on 18th April and was received by them on 26th April. I haven’t heard any thing for CIC as yet.
    Thank you
  5. It’s on the CIC website... maybe ECAS was the wrong thing to say.

    We submitted our case with a representative, so we don’t get emails
  6. File received: April 18
    AOR: May 28
    BR: June 4
    SA: June 5
    MR: June 5
    Hopeful for next steps
  7. Hello everyone
    I’m really happy to find this forum I had hundreds question and didnt know what to do.
    My husband is canadian citizen by birth
    Their family came back to iran when he was a child
    Now we decided to comeback to canada
    But I’m worried About years he’s not been in canada.
  8. Hi, my application was received on April 25, no AOR yet. Just wondering how to check the status using ECAS.

  9. mine was sent back with a uci n file no n i cant link my app either n wont show in ecas either..i guess we have to wait until we got AOR now
  10. If file was sent back, is there a point of having UCI/File Number? We have to send it back and wait for the AoR(couple months) any how?
  11. Mine was sent back with UCI and file number too...but unable to link it...i supposed will have to wait for the actual AOR
  12. I
    It depends on the officer, they returned my application 45 days later and asked me to submit the test of paperwork.
  13. Hi folks,

    Got my SA today!!!
    File received: April 23
    AOR: June 4
    Biometric Request : June 5
    SA: June 7
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  14. Got my SA today !!!
    File received: April 18th
    AOR: May 31st
    Biometric Request : June 6
    SA: June 7

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