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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. Welcome to the club lol.
  2. With every passing week I'm adjusting the expected PPR date in my head.

    When I filed the Application, I was expecting to receive the PPR by end of August.
    Next was: Mid September
    Next: End of September
    Now: Mid October. Hopefully this one goes through. This wait it brutal!

    Thinking ahead: How long it is taking to get the PP back if submitted in the USA? Any idea?
  3. Landed last week! US Citizen, Outland (Family Class Living in Canada)

    App Delivered: 10-April
    AOR1: 2-May
    Medical Request: 2-May
    Medical Passed: 30-May
    SA: 2-May
    MVO: 6-May
    Bio Requested: 17-July
    Bio Passed: 1-August
    DM: 23-August
    Landing: 7-Sept
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  4. Hope someone help me.
    I got a request letter for additional documents on last months and in their instruction it can be sent via web form, mail, and email (they said it’s the fastest service).
    So I sent them through email but I wonder if they are going to send me some confirmation email that they actually received my email.
    The due date is sep.21 and the additional documents must be received by the office by that date.
    I really wanna avoid the chance that something happens and the email didn’t get to them without me knowing.
  5. You should submit those via webform as well, that sends you an acknowledgement withing couple of days which you must have in case you need to prove it at a later date.
  6. Any idea when will Pakistani April applicants file will transfer? :(
  7. let's hope soon, we all are waiting. Haven't seen any from this year transferred yet, december applicants are getting PPRs now.
  8. Yes I got a confirmation. But also send web form as user above said
  9. Thanks for your help
    I’ll send the docs via webform as well.
  10. Thanks for your reply!
    How long did it take for IRCC to send you confirmation after you submitted?
  11. Please check document section in GC key ,even I have sent through email ,it got updated saying "documents sent were uploaded"
  12. Hi ,Has anybody got final request from Mississauga to upload documents needed and I have sent docs on Aug 30 th and I see doc's uploaded message under document tab in GC key account .still waiting for reply from CIC ,does anybody know how long it takes to get reply
  13. April 15: received
    June 8, AOR
    June 9, medical
    June 11 biometric payment request
    June 14 medical complete
    June 19, transfer to missisagua
    July 18 --> Request for biometrics payment (again, specifically requested a NEW payment) and marriage photos
    July 21--> we sent above requested documents
    August 15 --> Biometrics requested
    August 16 --> submitted
    Sept 13 --> PPR
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  14. Congrats jb9419!! Your in the bracket before me that I've been waiting to move for awhile now. Im an April 18 applicant hopefully we move next hehe
    PS please update your tracker! Ty!
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  15. two weeks
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