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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. I see. Thanks!
  2. I’ll check, thanks for you help
  3. Hello everyone,
    My husband got medical requests yesterday, and completed the med. exam today. The physician gave him a medical information sheet, do we need to upload it? If yes, how?

  4. Not Necessary to upload the document. The medical report will be uploaded to CIC Automatically
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  5. Hello is anyone here get an interview so far? Can someone tell me what questions they will be asking, what documents we require to take during interview.
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    Hi guys we finally got word today on my partners April 17 outland PR application and it wasn't the PPR where expecting or what we wanted to hear at all. Sad news but maybe someone on this forum can point us in the right direction. I am now expecting major delays and headaches.

    this is the end portion of the letter I received from Manila VO.

    Any ideas how to respond?
    Would our upcoming marriage affect the consideration of my husband being my spouse under the family class?
    Is there still hope for our application to be considered or should I withdraw it so that we can apply inland/outland spousal instead?

    "However, based on the information and documentation before me, I am not satsified that you have established having cohabited for a continous period of at least one year. While you have shown that you have been in a relationship with your sponsor for more than a year and now have a child together, your period of cohabitation has not met the requirement of a continuous one-year period. It is to be noted that only when the twelve-month period of continuous cohabitation has been met can a couple still be considered common-law partners even if they have lived apart for periods of time due to travel for work or other circumstances."

    "Since you have not yet met the one-year period of continous cohabitation, it would therefore appear that you may not meet the definition of a common-law partner with respect to XXXXX XXXXX, and that you cannot be considered a member of the family class. Before rendering a final decision on whether you can be considered the common-law spouse of XXXXX XXXXX, you are being provided this opportunity to respond to the above concerns by way of written submission(s). Any such submissions must be received by our office within THIRTY (30) days of the date of this letter. If you choose not to submit any documentation, or if the documentation is not received by our office within the stated deadline, the application will be reviwed on the basis of the information on file, which may result in refusal of your application."
  7. I would seek the opinion of an immigration lawyer at this point due to the tight timeline given to you (30 days)
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  8. Just started looking around for one. Thanks!
  9. If you did cohabit for 1 year, you have to provide more proof, You have to show them that you are living together for that period but if not I dont see hiring a lawyer will help you ...I have the same situation after sending the proof my partner was called for an interview honestly speaking we did not cohibit for one year prior to the application and we were denied ...applied for appeal IAD advised me that your appeal will also be denied because you did not qualify as common law as you did not cohibit for 1 year and advised me just get married and file a new application...just my experience...
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    Hi CMP, sorry to hear about this sad news. Did you guys live 12 months straight together? or you guys also lived apart during that period? I think 2 weeks vacation, or work related is acceptable but anything after that could be an issue. Also, the proof is very important, joint bank account, bills, letters, affidavits from friends... How would they suspect that you guys were not living 12 months

    We are also common-law but we never lived apart since I have been living in the PH's with my partner, what I'm worried about is that we did not provide enough proof. We did have pictures, letters from friends, affidavit from our current landlord, some letters with our address, an old lease from a place we lived together before but only my name was on it... We could not provide joint bank account, no bills... We gave an explanation why. Our application was received April 15th, so lets see... Seems they don't like common-law so much in Manila;(
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  11. Did anyone here order Gmcs notes. I ordered mine on August 5 n haven’t received anything yet.
  12. That's beyond their 30 days timeline!! Is it always the case? I ordered it pretty late, Sept 7.
  13. Can we order the Gmcs notes before we even have SA? We are still stuck on AOR1 and they still couldn't give us any clear reason why when we called. They just tell us to call back in two weeks whenever we call.
  14. Hello Guys,

    This is my wife's timeline.
    1. We received xxxxxxxxxxxxx application for permanent residence on April 18, 2019.
    2. We started processing xxxxxxxxxxxxxx application on September 3, 2019.
    3. We sent xxxxxxxxxxxxxx medical instructions on June 6, 2019. To avoid delays, please provide us with the information requested as soon as possible. Please consider delays in mail delivery before contacting us.
    4. Medical results have been received.

    Recently she got an email saying that

    "This refers to the Application to Sponsor a Member of the Family Class you submitted to this office on
    behalf of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and family (if applicable).
    This message is being sent to confirm that the Application for Permanent Residence for your
    relative(s) has been forwarded to the visa office in New Delhi for further processing.
    Case Processing Centre Mississauga"

    I was wonderiing how long it will take for the processing from this point. The wait is unbearable.

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