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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. ya they say it within timeline yet
  2. I am waiting for transfer as well!
  3. i think previous rejection cases like student rejected/ work etc/////////goes to new delhi ! any one else waiting for april application udate?
  4. They told me same thing. But agent told usually file should be transfer after SA approval. In my case SA is done since july 2nd. When I asked she said something about IRCC they share workload or something which I didn't get it. This waiting igame is killing I swear!
  5. see January onward application new delhi transfers take time! around 161 day for transfer
  6. May be check spreadsheet from april applicants
  7. I know! Did they mention something about primary or secondary vo when u called them?
  8. I believe you are not there on the tracker. Please take a look and enter your timeline there:


    There are many people still waiting for file transfer including me. I am April 4th applicant.
  9. Thank you so much! This was very helpful. I'm so relieved, I hate all this waiting but it would be nicer to wait in Canada together.

  10. Timeline
    Sponsor is Canadian PR.
    P.A. is American Citizen

    Application received: April 23
    Biometrics Request: June 12
    Medical Request: June 14
    Medical Exam: June 19
    Biometrics Passed: June 21
    Medical passed (Gckey): July 2
    Decision Made (ECAS): July 15
    PPR: July 22
    Application “approved” (Gckey): August 2
    COPR: August 7th
  11. app received 23rd april,same here ,have nt received any transfer email or notification on ecas.
    Planning to apply for gcms notes to see what going on.
  12. Hi @poonamgj even I’m an April 25 applicant! There has been no transfer till now and it’s still in Sydney. Even though there are many April 25 applicants who’ve got the PPR last month!
    Below is my timeline, please share yours too if you can

    PA: India
    Applied - April 25
    AOR- June 8
    BR- June 15
    SA- June 17
    Medical Request- June 18
    Medical Given - June 19
    BG- June 20
    Medical passed- June 22

    No updates after that
  13. same here app received april 23

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